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Hey, new here! I’m almost 27, and I’ve been around magic my whole life, but didn’t recognize it for what it is. My father and paternal grandmother practiced magic secretly, away from other family members. I vaguely remember seeing things in my grandmother’s house that I’ve came to learn in my adult life were magical items or totems. On the other side of my family, my maternal grandmother had visions and little premonitions. In my younger years, I started to see things and was able to communicate with spirits around me, but I became afraid and blocked it all out. I went to my great aunt and asked for her help, explaining my visions and the things I was dealing with and seeking a way for it to stop. She prayed over me and I’ve been fine for a little over a decade. She now has dementia and her mind is fading away, and with that, her protection I believe. Over the past few months, I’ve began to see things again and deja vu is happening quite often. I haven’t really had dreams since her protection, but the past few months the dreams have been flooding in and I wake up more exhausted than I when I went to bed. So, I’m here to learn and see how to handle these gifts the right way this time around!


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Welcome. I’ve had similar experiences with the visions and deja vu for as long as I remember. I see them as beneficial, as they seem to happen when I’m following my path, so to speak, but disappear when I have strayed. Maybe you’re are similar?


Welcome it sounds like you are kinda like me…although it doesn’t happen often to me anymore but best thing I’ve learned is to embrace it and let it show you what it needs to don’t fight against it cause well…you will feel like your getting the life sucked out of you if you do…and even more so since you are just now getting it back maybe the reason you feel like this as well meditate and calm your mind (at least try to) this may help ease things a bit


Welcome to the forum :blush:

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