Hey what's up [introduction]

I’m a tarot reader and I’m new to this path. I recently read Lucifer and the Hidden Demons and I have started to do the pathworkings. Lots of good info here.

Welcome @Stoner_Girl_Tarot

Where do you hail from?

How long have you been reading tarot?

Do you have any practical experience in magick besides the Hidden Demons pathworking?

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Welcome :slight_smile:

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I’m a southern girl and I’ve always been interested in the occult but come from a strict Christian upbringing. I just started reading for other people in January and felt the need to do more research on Lucifer within the last couple of weeks. I have worked with a spell caster that uses the Trident and developed a respect and interest from that because not only did her spells work I would get manifestations in my dreams.

Welcome to the forum :blush:

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