Hey There!

Hello guys!
A pleasure to be here, a short story about myself is that I’ve always loved demonology and felt like there’s more to demons than what is usually told, I was raised by a catholic family so I kept this side to myself, I actually had given up in my attempts to communicate with spirits, astral project and all that stuff but recently my curiosity for Lilith came back with even more strength than when I gave up out of frustration for not truly achieving anything after 2 years of effort, what truly made me want to try it again is that I was browsing through this forum when I found a post about Lilith and they mentioned how Lilith is related to spiders after reading that I remembered there was this little spider on my bathroom so I wanted to go there, and I found another spider but this one was one of the biggest ones I’ve seen in months so I took it as a sign!
Once again thanks for having me and I hope we all get to know eachother better ^-^ and if possible I’d like to hear some methods to contact her

For those wondering it was this little friend~

Hello! Welcome!

Aww! <3

He’s beautiful!

Welcome @Umaredzuki

If I am understanding your post correctly, you have very limited experience in magick?

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@DarkestKnight sorry If I wasn’t clear enough, I’ve made some efforts for a long time but I’ve never accomplished anything so, yes I have 0 to none real experience

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Thank you for elucidating more.

Welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy your time here and learn much.

Hi! I would love an update on how you’re doing with your journey because I’m in a similar place. I started off in 2017 and saw no results so I kind of gave up. Do you think it’s worth it to try again? Please let me know if you have seen any progress. Thanks!