Hey there, newb here


No problem at all friend. Best of luck. If I may ask what is the reason for the secrecy? I’ve had to practice that way forced/by choice. There may be a happy middle. :smiley:


Thank you :slight_smile: The reason is quite simple, in my worldly pursuits I am trusted and respected in my field, but because I’m surrounded by either atheists, religious people unwelcoming of magick or scientific skeptics, I don’t want anybody to know about my occult interests to preserve my secular credibility enabling me to act more freely. :slight_smile: What were your circumstances if you’re okay with sharing?


Ah I see :smiley: if you don’t mind a silly question, does directing people with source energy count as free will manipulation? I know that angels don’t like to mess with free will but it’s not something i really understand very well.

After searching I’ve found an angel called Adnakhiel or Aduachiel who seems to also do visual art, and he presides over my zodiac so I’m interested in meeting him, from the little i’ve read our personalities seem quite close. I think I’ll start with him and Metatron. hope nothing goes wrong.

Besides evoking eternity, do you know any other books to learn more about the angels? i find it hard to find very in depth stuff about the angels especially the lesser known ones like Adnakhiel for some reason :0


Parental concerns at the time. Perhaps even with those concerns in mind there are some seemingly innocuous items and practices. Some Demons can be surprisingly understanding in the constraints concerning offerings. Lemons (Belial/Astaroth), wine/liquor, food, purchase a calligraphy set and hand draw their seal on parchment. Liquids can be poured out into the earth, bury anything biodegradable, keep anything durable (items crafted from associated metals/sigil/seals) in as close to a sacred place of respect as you can.


Yes, it would be considered manipulation of free will.

Advachiel, I believe you’re referring to, ruling angel of Sagittarius, it’s said that he possesses an amulet that cures stomach ailments. I hope that he and Metatron work well with you.

I only have two primary sources for angels:


And if any angels interest me, I look into them. For example, my relationship with Metatron began as a path working through the angels of the tree of life. Metatron is the ruler of Keter, which is first in Kabbalah.


Thank you very much, I also hope your workings with metatron and sandalphon continue to be good :slight_smile: also wow Angelarium is a very beautiful site.


Ah I see. I was also unable to practice when I had to keep it secret from my parents, I hope you have since managed to move yourself to better circumstances :confused: It’s cool that they will take those kinds of offerings though :slight_smile:


Thank you and yes long ago. True devotion to the Gods of Hell, coming at them with honest respect, and acknowledging when mistakes/lax behavior occurs coming from a mage with some mundane image concerns will far outweigh the efforts of an arrogant disrespectful mage who is free to practice as he wishes. :smiley:


I thought I might give a mini account of a beginner who has never evoked anything before or spoken to any entities because it might be amusing for you guys to see all the super newbie questions I’m wrestling with :'D

I did a very simple bare bones attempt at contacting Advakhiel using a sigil I made. I was at first a bit bummed that I lacked the clairvoyance and clairaudience to know for sure if it was him, and he gave me no signs when I asked for them. I made an offering of a song on the flute, so my flute was on the floor. I wanted to pick it up to end it, but I began to get the distinct impression that he wanted me to pick it up and play something again. I began to get some immediate insights on how I could get better and I got answers to lots of other questions I asked. I think that he also said that Azazel and Metatron could help me in the field of magick because he presided more over the creative domain. Is this what it’s like to contact an angel, or am I just imagining everything and answering my own questions because I was in a trance state…? I did ask about that, and he said that the difference between my internal monologue and his answers was that the answers came without me thinking of the reasoning behind them. Guess that makes sense…? Also he seems to want me to have my flute around for all future contacts which I found kind of cute.

What do you guys think, am I just crazy?? :'D But there you go, baby’s first attempted angel contact.


It’s sounds like you had a successful ritual! Better start prepping for Azazel and Metatron then.


Yeah most definitely although I steer clear of angles the process is still the same. Work on hard/technical skills and sounds like you’ll be set.