Hey there! Introducing myself and seeking wisdom and help

Hi there, I am introducing myself, I will however keep my name to myself, I am 23 yo becoming 24 soon, I am mainly intrested in working with Djinn/Jinn, as I had loads of encounters with them and I am originally from an Arabic decent and currently living in Europe. I had many encounters with evil Djinns sent by Magick to me/my family, but also had encounters with ones trying to help me, I do feel their presence, and my sister even saw and talked to one. So I am looking forward to learn more about them and how to interact with them, tonight I just tried my first Talisman/Spell so to say calling Aboo Nookh and Maymoon, all with the use of the book " Red Magick, Grimoire of Djinn Spells ", if you have any experience or any recommendations or hints I would be happy to hear from you!


I’ve had great success with the book Practical Jinn Magick by Corwin Hargrove. His method doesn’t require any sigils or talismans, just a candle flame, and he describes the powers of the various Jinn Kings with clarity and sufficient detail. He also uses a conjuration from the Birhatiya, and incorporates the Jinn Elders into each ritual as well, to bring their wisdom to each summoning.

I have it on me as well, but I am kind of trying to not invoke one as I am still a little on edge with that. How was it for you? Could you describe your experience and success so far?

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Any method of summoning is going to involve invoking the spirit, they really mean the same thing in practice.

I haven’t worked with the Jinn extensively, but they responded to my requests and brought results when I called them. You’ll discover more about the Jinn by summoning them yourself than from anything I could ever tell you.

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As I mentioned above, the way I was brought up was about fearing the appearance of the Jinn, so my questions are mainly to appease my fears in order to proceed. How did they manifest to you? How did you communicate? I am highly sensitive to their presence and could always immediately feel their presence. Today while writing my Talisman and chanting the kinds and the jinns names I felt a presence, altho’ not strong, so let’s see.

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The structure of the ritual provides you with all the protection that you need. Fear is understandable, and quite common for those new to darker magicks, but if you approach the Jinn like a cowering weakling, they will treat you as such.

The Jinn want to be summoned and to express their power in the world, but to get them to work with you, you need to approach them in the correct way. The ritual structure helps you do this, but your attitude is important as well. The Jinn appreciate boldness and unrestrained desire. Call to them and make your request, boldly proclaiming your honest desire. They will then revel in sharing their power with you.

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Welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy your time here and learn many new and useful things.

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Thank you, I already am!