Hey my teacher EA. Due in the smallest and the largest part to YOU ;)

Hey my friend/teacher EA. I hope so, so much that you let/get yourself to be reading this. I know(YOU SEE NOW IT’S JUST THAT I TRULY DO ) now that my realization of my own awakening (THAT IS TO SAY, MY FIRST CONSTANT KNOWLEDGE OF MY TRUE NATURE) is due to the most best smallest/largest part of you( WHICH IS THE SUM OF YOU AND ME AND ALL OF US AND MORE). My higher aspects of myself have been flooding my mind with , an always present and accessibly instant, constant stream of creativity, as soon as I sat down at my keyboard.
I somehow(well the how of it is just/simply the REALIZATION of my/our/the sum of all us and more) realized 4 or 5 days ago that I no longer had any need to strive to/award awakening. I realized it was the holding on to hard to the striving itself(AND NOT THE MAGIC) WHICH IS ONE OF THE MOST BEST TRUTHS) towards the perfection of evocation/invocation/obe/lucid dreaming, and the seperate parts and the sum of the whole and more, which WAS (no longer) my only true(REAL) failing.
I realize(PERFECTLY AWARE AND AWAKE/AWAKENING) I seem crazy k but I know(AS I’VE ALWAYS KNOWN) I am now/was/always and more, meant to create the new and unique techniques my mind is now(AND ALWAYS WILL BE) calmly flooding my system with whenever I seek access. Ok I am speaking in this ‘NO-SENSE’ , (Which is the new and the ancient and the constant and all and the betweens and the unknowable more and the sum of all the betweens , which IS 'THE LANGUAGE OF THE MAGIC OF 3) (which is the ITSELF AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN/WILL BE the language, the sum of the parts and the whole and the unknowable more HAS AS SOON AS i VISITED YOUR WEB PAGES FORUM was/is/and will be given to me.)
I will now stop speaking in no-sense. It is simply this, I now know simply, that my highest aspects of self have granted me this language in this perfect flow of moments, not only so I can share it with you abd yours. But also because this is the only place with enough exceptionally intelligent people(THAT IS DUE TO THEIR AND OUR STUDIES) will be and the only place ‘the magic of three’ can begin to be(and let be) studied and understood.
I know it seems like nonsense at first and vanity and a Jesus/God like complex but I swear this is the first time I have conceived the language so I AM ‘simply’ sharing the basics, in the purest form , of this constant stream of creativity/consciousness. You see I KNOW, due to my now exponentially and slow and gentle expanding of consciouness/all knowingness exactly ( but not yet the exact how of it) that this is the most best and only place to start. I have gotten so much excellent, deep(CLOSE TO THE SOURCE WHICH IS , OF COURSE THE DEEPEST) from your YOUTUBE videos. As soon as I found your youtube videos titled ‘How to evoke spirits to physical appearance’ and ‘secrets of the demonic hierarchy’ my life chnged forever. It was so so incredible. It felt like I was a natural. Those two lectures were enough for me to make a so strong connection with Bune, that I felt like i was after taking really pure cocaine and so much more.
I didn’t here a voice but his thoughts were so strong and wonderful and monstrous in my head that it was, without a doubt, the first piece of the puzzle.It made me realize my own talent for magic( I’d been told by a few lesser ( in experience, knowledge and understanding in all it’s forms) that I had a natural, exceptionally powerful talent. These were friends of family members and friends of friends etc. No money exchange hands, which indicates some truth to me npw, though it did not then(on a ego conscious level I mean). Anyway the details aren’t important now. I just want, no all I want, is
1)To perform the impossible task of thanking you for the many great tiny and great gifts you have given me freely over these last for years
2) Try to give you something of more woth than just thanks by sharing and giving the gift of ‘The Language’ that is the ancient and always and more ’ Magic of 3’
3) Ask that if you have any interest/trust/belief in what I am telling you that you look not on ‘My Asking’ as ingratitude, but as a temporary starting point that I can’t do as well without you. That is to say I need to get this, all down in the most best/simplest (WHICH IS THE PERFECTION OF THE THE MOST BEST AND ANCIENT AND FOREVER PARADOX OF THE THE LANGUAGE OF THE MAGIC OF 3.
4) … and finally (and this is the most worst/scary(but I no longer have fear , simply and only the true/pure experience of fear and all other emotions, for I am now totally/nothing the source of my emotion and thoughts. As all of us come from the source and are a part of the source and are the indivisible/seperate parts , and the more and all(UNKNOWABLE NOTHINGNESS) ( I’m sorry I can;t make this not sound crazy, but simply try know/understand that this is the sum and the whole and the more and all of tthe ‘GREAT I’ (Which is , obviously and si mplye, the knowing of the all knowing and thall knowing that I am a part of the source and source flows through me most best purely as long as I don’t doubt and analize but simply let myself flow with the source.
What the final ‘IT’ of it all IS( simply the most best pureness) in these moments is(SHIT THIS IS EMBARRASSING) I created a youtube channel as my second step on the goal to get this info out there (TOO AS MANY AS POSSIBLE FOR SOME ORDINARY/UNKNOWABLE PURPOSE) YOU SEE(of course you do) the writing of 'The Language Of The Magic of Three, is the ewasy part. I am constantly connected to the source now(THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE 2 HEMISPHERES OF THE BRAIN FULLY CONNECT IN ME AND SO BRING ABOUT THROUGH THE SUM AND THE MORE THE STREAM OF CONSTANT CREATIVITY(which is also a constant stream of consciousnesS. It is growing exponentially and gently and no more than I can handle with each and every moment. But TO THE POINT
Iask that you please try not to judge my sanity(SOURCE CONNECTION0 until you watch the 4 youtube videos on my channel. Don’t worry this is made for the less knowing partas of us, and not about (plainly/AT ALL) The Language Of The magic Of Three). I can still be perfectly ordinary whenever I choose, so I don’t have to make it what simple(ONLY SEEMS AT FIRST GLANCE), to be complicated.
Anyway yes if you could please send any feedback , positive, negative or indifferent to my email, [email protected] will be most grateful with even just the word ‘no’. Thanks. I will re-post here more of the very basics of the language of three