"Hey kids, wanna see my poor art skills?" (Lucid Dreaming: Creature Edition)

(I didn’t see anywhere that was specific for lucid dreaming, so I’m just dropping this in the journaling section.)

As always, I want to mention these are some dreams I’ve had. I haven’t shared these before with anyone, so I’m slightly self-conscious about it. They’re weird. I’m weird. Whatevs. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Short pitch if you haven’t read any of my other posts:

  • I have extreme/intense lucid dreams
  • Mr. Mysterious, AKA Lucifer, claims these dreams are “me getting my memories back” and as I “put the pieces together” other key people will “get their memories back.” He talks in riddles so your interpretation of that statement is as close as mine.
  • All of the dreams that I’ve had over the past twenty years I’ve collected and put in a timeline like a giant puzzle


Now that you have my 30-second pitch, here’s the actual matter at hand:

So I want to mention an entity that has popped up in my dreams lately. Most recently, this character has shown up in a dream I had last night. This entity is called “Nibanae” in my dreams, he’s essentially the “big bad” in the storyline of my puzzle. This is a god-like, fundamental element of existence or something. He’s supposedly like one part of the yin/yang of the universe.

In my most recent dream, I saw “Nibanae” as a statue in the dark. I’m observing this dream in the third person. There are these two young women and Mr. Mysterious. They are standing in this temple-looking area, the world is coated in grey. These two men, dressed in black, take them into this open area. Mr. Mysterious is standing there with these two children, and is watching as these guys pace back and forth. They need something from the first girl, who is a child with brown hair.

The two men are trying to summon the creature pictured, but they need this child to activate the ring. Mr. Mysterious is watching this, he’s supposedly “working with” the two guys, but he doesn’t like them.

It cuts to the darkness. I see this creature, sitting on a pedestal. Darkness reaches out and envelopes the statue.

It cuts back. The two kids got away, Mysterious takes the ring from one of the men and slides it on. He uses the powers gained from this ring to fight this beast.


Weird, right? Even if these dreams turn out to be total BS, isn’t it interesting what the brain can come up with?


Simply gorgeous. I wish I could draw like that.


LOL you don’t have to lie. I dropped out of art school. haha

Thanks <3

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Do you use photoshop?

Nah, I used Concepts on the iPad Pro.

I used to use Photoshop, but it was nicer to me to just pay for the app 1 time for a small fee vs. the subscription for Photoshop.

Not that poor, I liked it!


Thanks <3

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Great drawing I like it it’s beautiful I’ve actually seen this spirit actually a part of it walking around in my house out the corner of my eye was in deep in thought about bune at Lea i think it may have been also

Dream was so amazing you can turn it into a book or a movie

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That’s ironic that you say that–I’m actually taking that timeline of dreams over the past decade or so and writing a novel right now: “The Infernal Apocrypha.” <3 <3

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That is so awesome I’m also an author so I can tell a good story when i see one lol

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