Hey I'm new!

Hey guys my name is Mehmet and I’m new to black magick. I’m really interested in working with spirits to achieve my goals. One of my goals is to improve my social skills and to get rid of my anxiety issues. A few tips would he really helpful and be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Welcome to the BALG forum!


Welcome !


Anexiety request - Belial.

Social Skills - King Paimon,
for best results, combine with Beleth.

Or Asmodeus, if you mean sex and pleasure,
and just been to shy to speak out about it that directly.

you may also evoke my Godform for the Social Skills.
I do teach in that areal,
and while your name threw me off a bit (for silly reasons, i don’t need to explain at here,)
any student and initiate haves the same right to learn.

So i hereby give you permission to work with Yberion.
(the astral form, not me as a person.)




Hye I am new in this group but i am interested in black magic

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Welcome aboard! Rituals are fundamentally tools for self-transformation and they are rather potent. The foundation of all of this is that you are pure, infinite consciousness experiencing certain structures of yourself through the filter of your physical persona. It’s an illusion. All that you desire, you desire because it exists within. Ritual work will help you see this sooner or later. Just learn to extract the underlying principles and realise that the real power is you.


Welcome @Sumit. Please post your own introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us a bit more about yourself and whatever magical experience you may or may not have. It is a rule of this forum.

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Sorry lol don’t know if you meant to @ me but I’m a noob as well I’m learning still