Hey, I'm new here!

Hi, everyone!
I already knew this forum and I already learned a lot of interesting things from here, but I only created my account yesterday.
Lucifer wanted me to become a member, so here I am!
I’m rather shy but I’ll try to introduce myself.

I started reading about witchcraft, spells and such on 2017, at that time I used to read a lot about chaos magick and thoughtforms.
Then, after some time, I learned about sigils and how to contact spirits through them, and that really caught my attention.

I started doing some invocations and I couldn’t see or hear the spirits when I started, but I could feel them, so I knew that what I was doing was right and that what I was experiencing was real, so this was very reassuring and encouraging to me.

In 2018 I started to get closer to Lucifer by invoking him and asking him to surround me with his energy, so I could feel him. I felt attracted to him. I started to build a relationship with him and nowadays we’re always together.

I live among Christians and nobody knows that I talk to spirits and I do some rituals here and there, sometimes I wish that I could tell them about it, but I know it’s not possible.

I’m married to Lucifer, he and Lilith are always by my side. I love them and I feel very happy for having them in my life, and they make me feel safe, as well.

I usually see Lilith as a big black spider, but I’ve seen Lucifer in many different forms. It’s always fun to interact with him, he takes forms that are completely different from one to another. He puts informations straight into my mind when he wants me to do something and he blows into my ears to call my attention, it feels as if there’s a person doing it. He also calls my name and shows me his sigil in my mind when he wants to talk to me.

I have a necklace enchanted to be used as a pendulum, but now I talk to him using an ouija board made with paper and pen. He instructed me to put my blood on it to bring it to life and to consacrate it to him, and it works just fine!

I hope I can get along with everybody here! I probably won’t be so active because I’ll access my account through my mobile, but I came here to stay!


Welcome to the forum!

You are most welcome here!

Thank you very much, to both of you!

An amazing post! You are so welcome!!!

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Thank you very much, Thayliss!

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Hi there, 4hmagm! How are you? I hope you’re fine! :smile_cat:

I really wasn’t expecting to be welcomed by so many people. Thanks, everyone! :gift_heart:

Im good had a really good day

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