Hey Im new here

Hey im new and im still learning to use some settings lol And im also not very sure what I should write here lol XD
●new to demon summoning
●doing magic since many years tho ( nothing specific i mix them up)
● 20 years old (damn im so old i know im a baby XD)
And nice to meet you all
im a little shy

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What does this mean? It tells us absolutely nothing about your experience in magick.

What, exactly, do you practice, and how long have you practiced it? “Many” years is so vague and can mean anything.

Are there any specific systems or traditions you have experience in?

Please don’t ban me lol I edit it later with more information! I promise tomorrow is changed :black_heart::sob:

You can’t edit later. You only have a small window of time where editing is possible.

Please properly tell us about your experience. It’s not enough to claim you have been doing magick “many years” without telling us what, exactly, you have been practicing, because without knowing what you have experience in, it is difficult to give you appropriate advice and direction.

You can just add the extra information in a reply.

You’re not going to get banned outright for a simple mistake in your intro. Just reply and give the info, is all. Welcome.