Hey I am akshay I am introduction myself

I used to be the guy who obsessed with the other entity that living among us, now i am joined here to open up my every possibility of the knowledge and experience to know more about the unseen unheard knowledgeable that few people bestow,

I am kinda guy who can be not that cool not weird either, I have never experience anything supernatural till date. But i have heard few stories that can be supernatural and something more or less .

I am kinda guy who look at the world little difference from others, cuz its a world filled with mystery and questions right.

Thus i have alot of unanswered question to be asked and also looking forward to learn new tricks with the magick

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Thank you for expanding upon your introduction as requested, but you could have simply posted this in your original thread. :slight_smile:

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Got there in the end! :smiley:

@Akshay I closed your old intro topic, let us know what your goals are and what questions you have in this topic. :+1: