Hey, How would I become mentally strong enough and less psychologically vulnerable?

I ask this because I want to contact the Slenderman Godform, to see if he’d be willing to teach me Nightmare Magick. But I don’t think my mind is mentally prepared for his presence, and I for one, don’t want to be driven crazy because I can’t handle his presence.


One has to be prepared to lose the mind and reconsolidate, update. Otherwise this shit is not for everyone. :slight_smile:


If you fear the unknown then don’t go there. It is up to you to practice what you believe will work, study, or worship. If you think something will attract negative energy than don’t do it especially if it will cause harm to your mind.


I’ve never heard of nightmare magick, nor have I heard of Slenderman using it (if you can call his abilities “magick”). It sounds really interesting though.

That’s the whole thing about Slenderman though. No human can psychologically handle his presence.

However, there may be hope. Some people have gotten into contact with Lovecraftian entities, most of which would break your psyche just by looking like them. I’d recommend searching the forums regarding contact with them. Perhaps their techniques can help you.

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Why don’t you just learn how to manipulate dreams? Why would you need some thoughtform comic character to show you if you can do it on your own with a little hard work?


Have to agree here.
Slender man would fall under Chaos Sorcery to me; it’s just another fictional character. Of course there’s more to Chaos Sorcery than that but I’d suggest this as a place for you to start.
Slenderman as a character also embodies Chaos in my opinion.

Also you should really start with warding, shielding, grounding, energy work, Evoking and Invoking.
All of which you can find threads here on the forum. :slight_smile:


I think this is a good idea after you get more comfortable with Magick OP.
Slenderman could easily be called a construct of the Mythos. There are so many characters based off the Mythos really lol.


What exactly is nightmare magick? Nightmares are dreams so I assume it has something to do with dreams. Do you cause people to have nightmares? I believe Cthulhu has something to do with dreams so maybe you can consult him about this to.

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sound’s nuts!


start by learning some dream interpretation.

then, ask belzebubb, to induce lucid dreaming and help you face off some monsters.

that’ll give you some insight into horror.

Go from there go to C’thulu.

And don’t come whining,
you’ve asked for this, Mizu-Taki. :stuck_out_tongue: