Hey guys!

Hey Guys , my name is Rokas and im 18 years old, im from small country Lithuania, my goal in life is to make biggest music festival, create music and underestand all things and make this world better place for all to be .
Im glad that I joined here :fire::point_up_2::point_down:



Please tell us about any experience you have with magick.

Im in magic almost year and a half , i have pact with king Paimon and King Lucifer for music arts and knowledge .
My type of magic is thrue music , i try to archieve as much as possible musical possibilities and power to express myself and make my songs in the best way possible .


Thank you for elucidating more on your experience.


Thanks for sharing, thats cool you do magick through your music. What instruments do you play? I use to be a drummer back in the day, would love to get back into that. Had some insightful experiences with the bongo, tribal style drums. Only for a short period of time with those but it was beneficially meditative. Good to have you here with us, welcome to the forum.

Nice to hear that u love music too :fire::heart::point_up_2::point_down:
I use my mouth as instrument its called beatboxing and i love to sing and laptop as elextronic music producer .

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Nice! While this seems out there but I thought it worth mentioning given your love of music and use of sound in magic. There is a really interesting form of magic in the Norse tradition called Galdr. It involves using your voice during enchantation or deep throat chanting of the Futhrak Runes as the medium to create change. It might be something interesting for you to take a look at.