Hey guys!

My djinn ring came in today!!!
How long does it take for a djinn to get comfortable? How can I make him comfortable? When will activity occur with me?

Ignore the chest please sorry.
I was told to keep him close to me to get him more comfortable but the ring doesn’t fit my fingers… I have tiny hands
But any advice or info?

Ok. It’s just that I do need info on how to make my djinn feel comfortable. I just got him today. But I didn’t know if I put I under the love bc I’ve been talking about him on that topic or in general bc I need advice.
Which one you think I should have the post in

I am in the same boat! I actually bought it from the same lady as you but so far this is what I gathered up. Theres a comment on there that links to another page that helps explain more to make your djinn more comfortable. Hope this helps!