Hey guys (Intro)

Hey everyone,
Glad to be here. Looking forward to learning from you all.
I first was exposed to magick back in 2015. I was very intrigued and was able to dabble a little.
I say dabble as I was never able to properly apply myself. I tried a few sigils, candle spells etc.

Now my interest has reawakened and I have the time to devote to this art. I’m very excited.


Welcome to the forum! Is there anything in particular that you’re interested in?

Welcome to the BALG forum! :slight_smile:

I added the “intro” to your title just so it’s easier for people to see that you did an intro as per the rules and not just a greeting.

Thank you Khat! Interested in learning more about witchcraft and ceremonial paths and deciding which would be best for me.
Also interested in strengthening my sigil magick practice. I have been having good results so far so I want to keep up the momentum.
And lastly, i am interested in influence magick, in particular targetted love work etc.