Hey guys I'm back

Been dealing with at lot here and doing a lot of work for it so i haven’t been online much lately I’ll have to update sometime soon.
But I keep seeing something I don’t recognize and I know if anybody knows you.guys.
First in a dream, then in a trance when I asked about it, then I saw it in the moon. No explanation or introduction so I’m stumped.

An “M” in a bright semi circle or nearly full circle. The only color I can definitely attribute to it is red.


Also I should add it compelled me toward fire more recently and I walked into the nowhere to have a campfire that’s when I the sigil again on the moon. My affinity towards fire as using it in divination gradually grew.

Maybe it’s a sigil of a fire demon
It can be adramelech the archdemon of fire.

Welcome back :slight_smile:

I’d guess Moloch.

This is the sigil of Travis Magus the occultist found on youtube.


Thank you all. @iWitch I looked into this, and Travis Magus’s sigil is almost exactly how I saw it. So I watched a bit of his work and found what it seems I was being directed to. Thank you.

Welcome back!!

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