Hey Everyone

I just wanted to introduce myself and finally stop lurking the forum.

I’ve been a practicing occultist since 2013, mostly demons and some angel magick.

I’ve had a few interesting experiences, and I look forward to sharing them and interacting privately in the group. I got my start mainly focuising on money magick becasue I was suffering from boughts of poverty including homelessness.

Now I mainly just focus on obtaining knowledge and working on aspects of my personality. My life is anything but average to say the least.

I look forward to sharing my experiences and experiments with everyone.

(sorry about the typos, for some reason my spell check isnt working and I’ve got no schoolin as my step mom would say)


What is your main system of practice?

When I notice something in my reality that could use some altering, I’ll usually sit down with a goetic spirit and commune for a while. Share an offering from the offset and ask some questions. Request some knowledge and insight initially.

See if we vibe well together for what I’m seeking at the time., If not, I’ll get a reccomendation for who else to talk to.

After we’ve reached an understanding, I’ll petition for a result and offer a reward. After that I’ll find a supporting angel to help offer some structure for the demon and I to do our bidding.

I do allow for some hijacking of conciouness from both the angel and demon. And I have a servitor that’ll help snap me back in to reality and banish either party if I feel it’s required. (not usually, but on occasion this helps)

When addressing spirits I address them as members of the royal consult. A board of advisors if you will. And my workspace is the command center.

I got my start with NAP, an in person mentor and with the structure of the GoM I’ve really been enjoying my experience in 3d so far.

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