Hey everyone...so I stumbled on to this site, or was led here. I need help

I’ll probably do another post elsewhere as well. I am… I’ve hadan entity that has been following me for my entire life as far as I can tell so my entire life and is made it known I believe it’s know me through past lives as well. The only name I have to go off of is a name that it called self on a Ouija board session I had once it was actually during the super moon I have Japanese gardens we were trying to get spooky. Being able to spooky for everyone else on the board except for me and even I got my hair standing on end when the name was red but the name is so generic I don’t know because itself lamb? And I don’t know if this is a real name but I know that as soon as that name is on the board I had chills as if I’d known that name forever longer than forever guys. It was creepy and yet satisfying the same time to finally hear that which it seemingly I already knew I don’t know I feel crazy saying all this. But just going to experience with a demon or entity or a spirit known as lamb I just want to calls itself that for some reason when I search that on Google what came up with sorath? Doesn’t seem that you related but anyways that’s why I’m on this site I need help I don’t know why it was drawn to me or whys and following me if you want to help me please do. My name is Dustin

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