Hey everyone, im new here

Hey everyone. Im originally from Ukraine ( I lived in many parts of the world). I’ve been a practicing witch for around 5 years already, though I was unintentionally doing magic since I was a child. Whenever I would get mad glasses would break, or the person that i was mad at would accidentally hurt himself. I remember different creatures visiting me at night, we would have long conversations. I remember seeing a flying castle in the sky (to this day i dont know what that was). When I was born my brother who was four at the time kept insisting that my name is Фея (Fae in russian) he kept saying that I was a fae or a fairy. Even now some of my friends call me elf coz of the weird shape of my ears (they are completely flat and pointy). I’ve been doing rune magic, blood magic, demon work and tarot. I got into magic coz ever since I was a child I was trying to understand what am I, and why am I so different. Im here because I want to improve my magic as well as to gain more knowledge about myself and my magic work.


Welcome to the forum.

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Hi there Fiya, welcome to the forum :wave:t4::blush:

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