Hey everyone..I’m trimac

Hi everyone I’m trimac… Not really sure where to begin because my whole life is kind of been a natural to come in to this point. starting in 2016 I came to discovery of the curse that’s been attached to me since birth . Every path I chose would start great I’m gonna build up and then come crashing down to the point of distraction and as we all know history has a tendency of repeating so I started looking up demons and their characteristicsAnd found one that compared so do I decide to do and envoke him anything to bring him out at that time had no knowledge of anything or even occult’s but at that time in my life it I couldn’t die the last three times it nor do it myself. That’s when my life changed. All this time I had a curse but really he’s what

kept me alive and guide me through the Flames of the world. Growing up I taught myself my own morals by how I felt from others as a black sheep. Anytime I was threatened id call upon him to go but not to harm only out there will of intent. Then last year the first week of January house in St. John New Brunswick the older city of Canada known as the city of Lost souls.Three people invited me and knowing that I was at my darkest days with depression . These people knew everything about me I mean everything and I couldn’t help but

admire their interest and appreciated my presence . They told me I had a darkness surrounding me and they could help me I said no because that dark one was like family and he’s not the problem and then it all began the whole world turned Into What I imagine hell to look like lol spirits and magic and demons being able to touch granite stone on an old church and it reveal shapes of symbols and metaphorical understanding and the power of my hands what I was able to The magic like nothing I’ve ever seen before it was amazing really . But

I had my fate in the hands of one IV met before when I was a child and teenager, the man in the top hat. The great testament that I was about to go thru ment there was no turning back . Whatever they did using that blue dust to Magick , spells , anything to control me in anyway to make me fear and stamp my thumb in the black box but I already new at that point my time was up… The blue smell never left my nose and time stopped .I sat on the couch alone in the room floor And walls a flame but cold . two stomps on the floor above me. Now I know I’m not perfect but I didn’t think I was that bad to go out that way. The TV in front of me turned on

and songs that play as if it was talking to me and I knew That I had to plead my case down my face I never felt emotions like I had that night. Two more stomps came from upstairs then another song except this time it was about me. The sound and language that came from him as he walked in the room forced my hand down between my legs I froze for a second then sat back up to face what ever comes . But he asked me I three things . I told him I wanted my message in music cause it was all I had . Then he asked me for two things that I never had the chance of in life so I told him I wanted my soulmate and a chance to have a child since I couldn’t have kids due to birth defects… to my knowledge I figured this was my Next life lol I do believe and

re-Carnation . In a blink of an eye I was crawled up a bank to a cemetery and as I turned around I saw this boat looking thing coming up at the water across the bay at that moment I couldn’t understand what just happened or what the fuck is going on I walked an hour and a half without seeing anyone and it was brought daylight in the middle of a city. I was still delirious from the blue shit which took two months to wear off . When I finally made it home I was so out of my body wasn’t even funny and went nuts but I knew I wasn’t delusional and it was real because after many years of drugs You do learn yourself and get to know whether or not shipped here and he was fucking aroun you do learn yourself and get to know whether or not shit gets real… on January 20, 2018 the first thing I looked up when I get home that following night was Enoch in the decoded rapture and that date is written 5300 years ago. I know this all sounds a bit far-fetched but this is the first time I’ve shared the story with a group of people I don’t know but after the past year the man seeking and

respecting all the knowledge that I’ve contained spacing on those 10 days in the advancement of my higher selves 4 of them to be exact and my soul as a number four , regardless if this was an illusion or not I found my soulmate by stepping back in through the darkness searching for the compatible one to mine which I did find and I have a baby due this March A little girl . All the music I grew up to are about me and my shadows. I was given a second chance but a mission learning symbolism threw rocks of granite ,Having the ability to demonize or take a demon or give us or take us home shape shift in a persons presence to future for the better manifesting my own reality to do good in the world but have the freedom of magic is well in a way that you can’t teach yourself this whole experience has been the most natural spontaneous subconscious consciously profound of turnin having the ability to demonize or take a demon or give us or take us home shape shift in a persons presence to future for the better. manifesting my own reality to do good in the world

but have the freedom of magic. I’m sure all of you have noticed the changes the past . my mission is to help everyone. Mainly with higher self get a chance to Carnate because thoths astronomical calendar is at its last click . The cycles now are combining to reunite with the body thats geneticly compatibile for the return. I could go on for days on why and how but prof has been right in front of everyone laid out in time. I learned in a way that you can’t teach yourself or be taught. this whole experience has been the most natural spontaneous subconscious conscious Journey That had to stop trying to figure it out and let time show and for time to bring the opportunity to speak the voice to the ear to listen. watched a lot of YouTube in the past year and come across a few videos to a few of the admins to this site this is the first time that I’ve spoke about any of this to

anyone besides the people that I’ve helped specially children we all know they get bothered and attacked usually throughout the night by a negative energy because they’re neutral most the time it’s a reach out to get noticed. Reason I started here First with with my story isn’t for fame or someone to believe me, it’s for what’s coming. The dark entities behind the scenes that make our matter world exists and in place at this time. Our family ancestors partake as well… As above so below … id like to thank you guys for reading this and taking the time to hear me out , the ascended masters throughout time has been wrighting stories since Enki an Enlil days symbolically, metaphorically and hieroglyphically… but on a good note I’ve become one hell of an alchemist lmao



Might I suggest adding some paragraph breaks in your post, because it’s extremely hard to read considering how long it is.


I planed to keep it short an sweet lol now that I got this out it will be from now one …

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What I meant was: There is a small pencil icon on the bottom bar of your post, you can edit it from there add some paragraph breaks so when other members come to greet you in this post, they can more easily read your story. One massive chunk of text is confusing, and from what I’ve read of your post, it’s interesting and I wish I could read the entire thing.

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Lol good to know . I’m not the best with iPhones , i just voice text while sitting in the den … i must say tho since I posted that the presents of intense movement and energy with in my apartment Is fascinating

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Are you polish or a fallen one?

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Offspring of the Fallon