Hey dahlings

Hello beautiful people, my name is Danielle. I’ve been practicing the craft since the age of 13, now being 20. I started off with Kabbalistic magic as I grew up in a jewish family, and as time passed, I became more chaotic with my path and now I don’t really follow a certain religion.
I’m most skilled at hoodoo/rootwork, spell casting of all kinds, Demonology, angelic magic, Kabbalah and Divination.
Would like to gain knowledge about necromancy, which I’m not that familiar with, and share experiences in a witchy community like that :smiley:
(I cam across EA on youtube. Thought he was cute – probably everyone does lol. Then when I worked with some demons I did a little research on them and about working with them and stumbled upon this forum. So here I am.)


Welcome @GucciBag

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Greetings. There are many posts/links regarding occult knowledge and rituals, please check out the sites search engine at the upper right and the magnifying glass :mag_right: and you will find the answer.

Greetings sweetie. May you find the Truth you seek.

This is the first time I’ve seen a non Trinidadian say ‘Dahling’

lol Mariah Carey says that all the time so her fans do too :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome dahling ! :ok_hand:t2: