Hey, about my first evocation

hey i got the universal circle by ea , and i got a question, if i wont put my own blood on the circle, the evocation will still work?
because i got some issues with drawing my blood, so… will it work? or any of you got some easy ideas for drawing your own blood(which not include inserting syringe into your veins )


A lancet on your thumb?

and also can the evocation go fine without charging the circle with blood?
and i will try to think about something like that, thnx

I would think so, I use my own circle so can’t say for certain.

Check out EA’s video about the Universal Circle. He says the circle is perfectly fine without using your blood. The blood simply adds a little boost.

ok, thanks!

Every time I cut myself open on accident I always get a little angry as I have no use for the blood at that moment. Yet in ritual I turn into the biggest pussy ever when I need a drop or two.

Hahaha, I can relate.