Heres a method for enpowering crystals that i made when i was a begginer

so when i started my magical path i loved crystals and stuff but i thought a method for enpowering its a simple but it had effects

here place the crystal on pentagram at night and the planetary hour that the crystal attritudes same thing with candles
physic devolopence
planetary hour:mercury
incense:cinnamon or lavander

" lord satan
lord astaroth
lord beelzebub
lord azazel

O lords send the powers of hell into this crystal so i may become enpowered so i can ascent with you"

meditate on the crystal,programming it,putting energy
next visualise the crystal glowing with light of the speciality
like for amethyst visualise it glowing purple and shining

the end
i think to write a more advanced and powerful one