Hereditary - the movie - flawed?

Last night I saw the movie Hereditary with two friends. One who practices witchcraft, the other a practicing Catholic. I found the movie somewhat entertaining but highly flawed in its depiction of magick. Anyone else seen this movie?


The girlfriend and I saw the movie last night as well. Not a bad movie but Its still a movie and not going to be perfect. We were trying to remember if it was by the same guy who did The Witch or not.


How cute is Alex Wolff though…


Im going to go see it tomorrow. Though to be fair, the depiction of magick in movies have always been inaccurate and flawed, some more so than others. I usually just roll with it, smug in my knowledge otherwise. What I find fun, after a movie with magick in it, is concocting a ritual in my head -how it really should have gone- vs how the movie depicted it.

You just have to remember these films are made for the general audience in mind. They dont know, nor do they care, about the little details and intricacies of magick as a practice. They enjoy their monsters and demons and gore and frights.


Not with a broken nose he’s not


It had my complete attention and engagement until the headless corpse flew up into the tree house like Mary Poppins : at that point the audience in the cinema burst into laughter and I couldn’t take it seriously anymore. Same thing happened with a similar scene in the Last Jedi.


Yep…that was silly as hell.


Except couple of scenes, the movie was downright awful. It was a lame attempt to create fear toward Goetia and working with demons.

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Aahhh, just watched it last night and wanted some input on it.

Seeing the comments here puts more or less puts me at ease.

Although it’s obviously just a movie. I personally loved it, one of my favorite horror movies. I found parts of it to be one of the most accurate representations of magick in movies. (Most movies are 1000000% off so it was refreshing to see certain parts semi-accurate.)

Did you notice they changed the sigil of Paimon? They must be supersticious.

Were there parts that were accurate or have some semblance of working? That’s what I’m curious about

I actually started to like it. But yeah I must agree towards the end it spirals out of control and I found myself saying “Wait…what?!” :joy:. Definitely not a movie for everybody though It’s a slow burn to me it was a 6/10…would have been a 7/10 but THAT ENDING. There was some cool creepy scenes I loved. Later the director of that movie also made a film called ‘Midsommar’ (2019)

(Which was basically a horror movie but in daytime) that also was getting good And also was a slow burn but the BIGGEST PROBLEMS with that movie is you already know the plot because they show you it. You already know where it’s going right out the gate It also had a problem with the plot getting spiraled out of control. It was shot well, and the locations were beautiful. But other than that I didn’t care for that movie either… speaking of slow burn horror movies Does anybody remember ‘The Witch’ (2015) That too was also getting good The atmosphere was amazing and

had some disturbing creepy scenes but that ending man lol WOW! I was like “wait…the fuck!?” It definitely that’s where it just gets crazy not a good ending, That director did make a movie later called
‘The Lighthouse’ (2019) Which is a black and white horror If none of you have seen it yet I definitely recommend it! It’s a 9/10 Definitely has better films.

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