Here’s A Free Gift From Me To All Of You : My Online Grimoire

I’d love to get a copy from you. I have appreciated your work for a long time. I think the Facebook link got broke or removed. Its just giving error messages. I’m going to try to go directly through FB., but if you wouldn’t mind sending it to me my email is [email protected]. thank you so much!


All I got was this when I tried the link

Thanks infernal blessing

Thanks dark blessing

So, how about uploading the file on another platform?

Guys I’m aware an error has occurred once I get some free time I’ll get to redoing it


Hey, i dnt get a link to send it but pm in case u want it. Thanks

You are awesome. Thankyou for sharing your path with others.

Thank you!

did you get the grimoire? cuz It still has an error or something and I cant access it

It still shows the error for me.

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Just a heads up guys he knows.


Can’t seem to get this content anymore.

I just found this, boy do I love the internet

Is it bad to ask somebody who have it to share it with us

Hello! I can’t seem to PM just yet but I was hoping to ask you a few questions in regards to hiring you to do some work

Just contact him through the infernal obelisk on facebook. He linked it at the top :heart:

Thank you!!

Hi Connor, I tried to download your grimoire but it won’t let me, is there any other way I could get to read it?

Kind regards,


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Would you be willing to PM the grimoire to me, as Im not on social media other than BALG? Thank you for making it available to us all.

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