Here’s A Free Gift From Me To All Of You : My Online Grimoire

In this online tome I wrote it’s filled with all different types on magick, spirituality and so forth.
This is my gift to you all for you’re great support over the years, it’s on my Facebook page so don’t forget to like and follow too :smiley:.




I will like to send u a rare grimorio as a thank you. Can u plz pm. And gime a link to send to u. Thanks so much.

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Holy shit! What a grimoire! Thanks man…

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Thanks, man.

I’ll read it right away.


Thank you.

Dark blessings

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Ty for this grimoire and the great work you do.

You can send that to me too, please?

Send to me too?

Awesome masterpiece :+1:

Your eBook is amazing! A lot of knowledge and power!

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Awesome work! A wonderful gift indeed. I will be working with it later tonight probably.

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Wow this is truly amazing Conner! Thank you!


A very great piece of work you’ve done here. Looking forward to more of your grimoires’ and other writings that you may have to share with us. Thank you again…

Awesome, would it be an intrusion if I create a journal describing my experiences going through this grimoire in the future?

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Thank you! Im definitley gonna read it

Thank you very much!

Could someone please upload the PDF out of Facebook?


I clicked the link it didn’t work can you send it to me

This ebook is a preview of a book you plan to release???
I found it very interesting, has a lot of knowledge, it was very cool to read about the myth of the dark gods…
And what is it or how is their relationship with Satalos???

I downloaded it. Thank you.

I would also be really interested in reading it, but Facebook just gives me an error. Could you put it on Dropbox (or some other service)?