Here is an interesting story on a type of shapeshifting

This is a story that one of my old girlfriends really liked.
I was walking from my home to a university that is near by my home.

I was meditating as I always do during walks.
And sometimes I push things into my energy field.
While I was walking I thought about this young blonde woman that I knew. I was pushing that into my field.

There was a cop from the University blocking part of the sidewalk. Well normallybhe doesn’t move for me I have to move for him.

Well that day he moved his patrol car. So I looked though his perspective so I could know what he was seeing.

Well believe it or not he was seeing the person that I was pushing into my field. That was a lot of fun.

Yes I have played with a lot of things during my life. It was one of the most fun things I did. What do you all think about that?


I remember people talking about that kind of thing in Japan and in Hawaii, yes I lived there as well.

And when it happened to me I thought that was so cool.

Your story seems less shapeshifting and more like a glamour.

A glamour is a sort of illusion that you imprint onto your energy field so that others will perceive you in a certain way. Popular uses for glamour include making oneself look more attractive, or more dangerous (projecting images of demons and dragons works well to run off potential muggers or rapists, for example).


I forgot what that was called. But hey it was a lot of fun.

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It works quite well.

It can be indeed :slight_smile:

I’ve used it to scare a few would be aggressors in my time, and to improve my stage presence.

Well, my girlfriend could do a lot of things, but that was just not one of them.

She is a follower of Alister Crowley. She is a themic pagan.

Well, not everyone chooses to learn the same things. :man_shrugging:

Where can I find, knowledge on this amazing art of glamour

Robert Bruce’s work. Learn to manipulate energy, and imprint it with your intentions.

Well of I remember right, I think that some of the books here talk about that some.

Well here is a way to do that, while you are in your altered state, feel your field around your body. See your field as it normally looks. While you are pushing energy into your field through your body, see what you want to be inside your field over yourself, so all that is seen is what you want to be seen. It is as simple as that.

So ones energy field should be how strong?

When you get your mind into a Theta state, just push energy into your field while you see the image of what you want to look like in your field. You only have to do that until you can see the image clearly in your field. And it hides your normal look.

I would like to talk with you more, you are very knowledgeable as a magic user.

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