Here goes. Newbie setup. Still working on it. Any advice? How's it looking so far?

The table will be bigger, altar will be done at a later time eventually. Still deciding wether to purchase the Universal Circle. Some say a circle is recommended, others not so much, so I’m kinda stuck but I think it’s better to have the UC anyway. I’ll definitely be doing the banishing incantation @DarkestKnight posted in my other topic post while still getting the the hang of the LBRP. It’s easier than I thought.

Any expert advice and recommendations? Thanks


Nice job! I like my UC. Seems to really help focus the energy.

How’s your magick going?


I like your pendulum

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thank you. I’ve also gotten the UC since then after this picture. I should be using it soon.

Thank you

I believe you should keep altars private, but that’s just me.

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It is always about the magician, not the implements.