Here for tgs

So last night I was awake till twelve to summon I ussally go to bed at 11 so five minutes before 12 I heard someone laugh right behind so sleep deprived is a way to get in tgs and it’s all natural.

Um…staying up one hour past your usual bedtime is not sleep deprivation. To get into a deep altered state like TGS through sleep deprivation will take you at least 4 days without sleep.


It worked very well for me

Actually I think the demons helped me out

I don’t think you were in the Theta/Gamma sync. At most, you possibly could have been in a light Alpha trance brought on by change of routine, but that’s about it.


That’s weird than the only time I here audible is in a theta trance

Like right before I fall asleep

The human mind is very adaptable. According to neuroscience, the perceptual filters we all have are not very easily overcome. Research shows that an altered state does not happen until a subject has gone at least 72 hours without sleep. In fact, one of the steps in brainwashing is to deny the target sleep, so they are more susceptible to programming through the ensuing altered state.

Yes, people enter Theta on the way to Delta and into sleep, naturally. However, they do not stay in Theta long enough to hit the Gamma sync, unless they consciously train themselves to do so.

This natural change of brainwaves does not happen by simply going to bed an hour later than usual though. The laugh you heard could have been almost anything, including simply your imagination.

Edit to add: You are correct that sleep deprivation is very handy for TGS though. It is a traditional technique ancient seers would use to obtain their visions. However, it isn’t easy. Just ask @Huginn, who experimented with it a while ago.


Don’t remind me :cry: was a very bad experience wouldn’t be too bad if the days didn’t seem to go on longer then normal when you do it.


Ah, yes. The time dilation. i remember it well.