I’m not sure if there is a place already for Herbs and I just missed it. But I love working with plants and herbs so I was wondering if we could have a place for that?

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I don’t think Timothy’s into adding new sections at the moment, but this is a perfect area for it. :slight_smile:

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Not herbs exactly but here’s some foods that make your brain smarter…

  1. avacados. They are high protein, have beneficial fats, monounsaturated fats that help blood circulate.
  2. blueberries. High in fiber, low on glycemic index, safe for diabetics (which I am type 2) they don’t spike the blood sugar. Have a link to reducing Alzheimer’s. Improve learning ability and motor skills. Very powerful anti-stress food.
  3. wild salmon. Has omega-3 fatty acids which are essential for your brain. Improves cognition and alertness. Reduces the risk of degenerative mental diseases (like dementia) salmon improves memory and mood. Reduces depression, anxiety and hyperactivity.
  4. Nuts. Come on we all like nuts! :wink: they contain protein, high amounts of fiber, and beneficial fats. The carbs will perk you up while the fat and protein will sustain you. They contain vitamin E essential for cognitive function. Hazelnuts, cashews, walnuts, almonds, macadamia nuts.
  5. seeds. Sunflower, flax seeds and more. They contain protein beneficial fat, and vitamin E. Stress fighting antioxidants and brain boosting minerals like magnesium.
  6. coffee. There’s your excuse! Coffee contain fiber and helps cardiovascular system. 1 or 2 cups not 10 pots!
  7. Oatmeal. Good for cardiovascular health which in turn means good brain health. Packed with fiber, protein, small amount of omega -3.
  8. beans. have carbs your brain needs. Loaded with fiber, vitamins, minerals and protein.
  9. pomegranite. Has antioxidants.
  10. Brown rice. Low glycolic complex carbs, still maintain cardio health, the better your circulation the better your brain.
  11. tea. Catechins that boost your brain
  12. chocolate. Plenty of antioxidents, right amount of caffine, sends serotonin through the roof. (Feel happy!) dark chocolate also rich in fiber. See I knew I loved chocolate for a reason!!
  13. Ostyers. Come on now we all know about Oysters! Rich in selenium, magnesium, protein and other nutrients. Improves cognition and mood!!!
  14. olive oil. Rich in healthy fats essential to clear thinking, good memory, and balanced mood.
  15. tuna. Omega 3, vitamin B6 linked to memory cognition, long term brain health. B vits. Balance your mood. B6 influences dopamine receptors (a feel good hormone)
  16. Garlic. Reduces bad cholesterol, strengthens cardiovascular system. Exerts protective antioxidants on the brain.
  17. eggs. Protein and fat provide energy to the brain.
  18. green leafy veggies. High iron. Low iron can result in fatigue and foggy thinking.
  19. Tomatoes. Lycopene helps prevent dementia
    There ya go!
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Been drinking alot of Health Food drinks lately getting all my full daily use of Vegetables and Fruits.

My favorite so far has been “Golden Milk Turmeric” which is a whole Turmeric Root, and the other is Emerald Green Tea Machte, which is the equivalent of 10 cups of Green Tea. Great in Anti-Oxidants.

Grocery stores always have health food drinks like Odwalla’s/Naked and other brands. I like getting the Blueberries for vitamin B’s and the Carrot Juice. Herbs… well either a store like Super Supplements or maybe China Town has their little exotic herb shops?

Yes. But then you just limited yourself by saying it was a problem attaining them, but then only wanting to do it that way. Plenty of herbs within arms reach to take advantage of, until you can go do the medicine man thing.

can yall post the top 10 powerful herbs i will like to hear your opinion

Ok well here are the 10 that I use the most. Not sure if they are the most powerful But they always work for me.

  1. Cinnamon. Used for Spitituality, success, healing, psychic powers, lust, protection, and love. Also helps my blood glucose levels.
  2. Garlic. Protection , great healing properties, antiviral, antifungal, and strengthening. Greeks used garlic as an offering at crossroads to Hekate.
  3. Pepperment. Purification, sleep, love, healing, psychic powers. Promotes sleep and visionary dreams.
    Use in healing and purification baths. Useful for stomach upset and heartburn, nausea, eases congestion during colds and flu.
  4. Rose Petals. Love, psychic powers, healing, luck, protection , love spells of all kinds. Rose tea before bed promotes prophetic dreams. Helps ease menstrual cramps.
  5. Rosemary. Protection , love, lust, mental powers, purification ,healing and sleep.
  6. Sage. Immortality, longevity, wisdom, protection , prosperity . purifying use as incense during sacred rituals. Repels negativity.
  7. Sea Salt. Prosperity, protection, consecration of ritual tools.
  8. St. Johns Wort. Health, protection , strength , love, divination, happiness, exorcism. A Druid sacred herb.
    Carry to strengthen courage, convection . burn to banish negative thoughts and energies . as tea to treat depression.
  9. bay leaves. For visions, clavoyance, wisdom. Prophectic dreams. The Priestesses at Delphi chewed bay leaves to induce visions.
  10. Chamomile. Great relaxer. Prosperity attracts money. Prepares body and mind for magick. Useful in breaking curses cast against you. Protects from evil eye.
    There are many many others but I use these a lot along with others. Also honey is great.
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do you make any antibiotic ? like Anglo Saxons

onions, garlic, leech,wine and bile from a cow’s stomach
in a brass vessel for nine nights and a strainer to purify it

I’ve made lotions, teas, and some of my own home remedies. But I have to say I’ve never used bile from anything’s stomach. I’m sure it probably is a great recipe though. My great grand mother was fond of using a hogs head in many things.

That was reported last year, the ancient recipe that sounds like mumbo jumbo, actually kills the same family of bugs as MRSA! Cool stuff: https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn27263-anglo-saxon-remedy-kills-hospital-superbug-mrsa/

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Very cool! Thanks for sharing!

Heres a few more plants and their magickal traits:

Lilac: Chakra balancing, magical power, passage between the worlds, peace,psychic abilities, romance, sweet spirit, summoning.

Lily: Angel Invocation, divine assistance, divine love, divine beauty, entity clearing and protection, goddess alignment, harmony and ease, legal success, safe and harmonious travel.

Snap Dragon: Hex Reversal, Owning your power, protection, truth.

Heather: Connecting with ancestors, and ancestral wisdom, healing deep issues, luck, memory, physical healing, protection, transmutation.

Honey Suckle: Activating Intuition, awakening sexuality and releasing sexual blocks, good luck, letting go/ endings and beginnings, prosperity, weight loss.


The Hibiscus can be used for several things

  • use it to attract love or lust
  • For prophetic dreams
  • carry to attract love
  • use an aphrodisiac

Use can use this flower in spells dealing with love and lust.
The blossom can be used in love incenses and sachets

The Dobu of Western Pacific use it in scrying bowls.

It is used as protection against negativity and evil eye.

Can also be used for hair cures. Make a paste from the leaves and use as a shampoo for losing hair and dandruff.

Incites passion.

Special flower for Goddess Kali and Lord Ganesha

~ take this and think of me ~
Its an Hibiscus.

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Peppermint oil and Cyprus oil mixed with with water makes a great non toxic bug repellent. It is poisonous to crawlies and burns them. Good for if you have pets and children that you need to keep away from toxic chemicals. Also apple cider vinegar is good for pretty much everything. It helps with the sniffles, healthy appetite management, you can clean your house and condition your hair with it. It is grat to use on your face. I make a safe and effective cleaner soaking orange peels in apple cider vinegar then straining the peels out. Smells and works great and I don’t have to worry about it hurting little pups and my baby when it comes.


I use apple cider vinegar to help with ny diabetes. I take two shots of it a day. Yes it is good for almost everything.


I make a mullein tincture in apple cider vinegar for colds. Great stuff.

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My mom was positive for Hepatitis C, and she swears that her daily usage of Apple Cider Vinegar was what cured her of the virus.

There are sooo many things apple cider is good for! I need to get back in my routine of shots. I admit Ive been slacking!

I have started using mugwort. I find it to be really nice to use for a pre ritual shift in consciousness both smoked and as a tea. It is subtle but you do feel it’s effects. It has a nice mellow herby taste when smoked and it’s not harsh on the throat and lungs at all. I use a water bong, haven’t tried smoking it out of a pipe yet. The tea tastes really good and it makes for a pleasant incense. I ordered mine off of Amazon. I have read that it helps bring on lucid dreams, but can’t back up that claim yet.


Cool, I will have to give this a try! :slight_smile: