Do any of you use any sites to buy herbs? If so, which ones?

Lucky Mojo is the most reliable IMO although can be a bit expensive, if i know the exact herbs i’m needing, i usually just get them from a local store or ideally if i have the time gather them myself in the woods.

Aren’t you in Jersey? I got a plug but you can only get it by the pound.

I try to buy locally but not everything is available here so at times I buy from 3crowsconjure

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I get herbs off of etsy. These are my top 3:

MountainRoseRemedies is also great, too!

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Hmm if you are in the new york area, I have heard good things about this place called Sticks and Stones.

Try your local flea market, dollar store, amazon or Indian grocery.

I did. Health food stores are limited in their supplies to herbs people use for food. Not for medicine or magick.

It doesnt matter if its used for food, I buy herbs off of a supermarket if I need them. Also Chinese shops have stuff like Angelicka root and Honeysuckle.

But this depends on what are you looking for. Pretty basic herbs will get you far <3


Nice! I did not know that.

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Yes. Most of these herbs are also used in Chinese medicine :slight_smile:

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