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I found an old herb thread but it is outdated and not revivable, it seems. So here I am going to add whatever information I can and you all can as well. Spring is sprung and I’m itching to get outside and gather wild plants etc…

My Favorite books on this subject is another thing I’d like to add here… or make a separate list for books. Maybe? My first choice of books at the moment is “Herbs and Things” by Jeanne Rose. Second favorite book of mine is Back to Eden by Jethro Kloss. (he is xtian but the info in this book is extensive and worth a read) Both books are keepers IMO.

Best ways to preserve VIOLETS: Candied Violet Recipes

Page of interest : Violet

Another medicinal page : Gentian Violet
I added this page for healing reasons, it is an item on amazon but read the reviews, it seems like something you’d want in the medicine cabinet methinks!

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Found another good link for how to collect wild violets and make things with the leaves and or flowers.
More links >
myths and magic of violets
10 things




Nice! Thanks for the link back FM. :slight_smile:

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I humbly request that you take the time to check out this life changing book. Invaluable knowledge for any herbalist you cannot do without. Trust.



Another book for the List is Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs


Mayhap I’ll buy seeds and grow one in my yard, normally not grown around here but my neighbor has one and it comes back every year even though we are covered in snow most of the winter. :slight_smile: Thanks.


The trick is to start it from seed, then when you transplant it into the ground plant it deep. when you cut back the plant for winter, do it in early fall so it can recover before the ground freezes. Planting next to large rocks can increase survival for perrenials. Before the ground hardens just put about 4"-5" of mulch over the area the Yucca grows in about a 2"-3" radius around the base of the plant. It should survive the winter anywhere south of Canada, with few exceptions.

Another option is to grow it in a nice deep pot and bring it inside for winter. put it under a light or in a South facing window. I do this for my white sage, rosemary and lavender. They do not like New England winters, though I have seen a very few species of lavender that can take it.


Yeah I don’t have a good enough window and we have double pane windows in breezeway that are tinted and don’t let much light in. I can borrow my sons grow light for winter as he doesn’t grow anything then, although he used to. I made the mistake of not bringing in my white sage and it died so I’m starting over this year. have plenty seeds for that plant now.

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One of my all around favorites is Maddog Skullcap (scutillaria lateriflora).

Medicinally, both leaves and flowers can be used for calming the nerves, insomnia, tremors, etc. It is an anti-spasmodic. My mate has epilepsy and she drinks the tea if she can detect pre-onset symptoms, and often times this can avert them. I use it because I am an insomniac. Sometimes I smoke it, too, for (reasons). Just don’t over use it; not good for your kidneys. As tea it tastes like greens, but a little acrid, and it may make your tongue tingle. Smoked it tastes odd, but nice, basically like tasting what a flower smells like. If you have ever taken opium you will know what I mean.

This is not a totally benign plant, so always check with a doctor before deciding to try it out.

These ones above are only about a month into the season here, but as they grow and bloom they make nice little purple flowers.

This is a good one for money magick and moon magick. Popular sources will say this is a water based Saturn correspondence, but I contend that it is water based Moon or Venus. Work with it and let me know what you think.

You can use it in oils and incense or in smudges for both moon magick and money magick, but honestly I think it is greatest for Lunar money magick, i.e. a money spell working with Lunar energies, especially full moon money magick.

It can be used to make a type of spell satchel to draw things from unexpected and benevolent sources, i.e. someone buys you a drink, or you get an unexpected tip. This one is only lore, though. I have not had too much luck with it myself.

I grew the mother plants from seed last year, but these can be found in North America near brooks, tree/field separations, and old farm land that is not used any more.

For transplanting a wild plant, take it in early spring if possible. These take root EXTREMELY well, so you only need to go down about 6"-8". This is one from my patch that I accidentally snapped it of just below the base while gardening. The plant grew this root ball from a snapped root in roughly 2 weeks, it is that virulent.

When you plant this in a garden you need to plan for space. The patch I showed takes up about 3 square feet, and that started from two plants I tucked in the corner last spring that were the size of the rooted cutting in the second picture. Highly invasive. It likes rich, well draining soil. If you have a lot of glacial till then you may want to prep the ground by pulling the rocks and improving the dirt. It can take full sun, but make sure to keep it watered well during the hot season.

For harvest, if you want to keep it around for next year, cut about 3 1/2" - 4" above the base and surround with a few inches of mulch, just like most perrenials. Harvest for optimal strength in the early morning ( before sunrise) and for strongest potency harvest when the little purple flowers are most vibrant.

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Which herb/resin is best for anxiety?


For me, it’s the ones I feel closest to and resonate with the most in my immediate environment because they are always there for me like mullein, mugwort, roses especially, acorns :smile:

Also weed works for a lot of people, for me weed enhances everything I do.


Oh man, I love weed…

A question: if you buy the roses online, then where? And how do they burn? I have dried rose buds but they refuse to burn. Maybe they get hollow but there’s no scent. What in the frilly heck?..


Lol, idk, just being in the presence works for me. Just get closer to the herbs that speak to you and let them show u.


Try lemon balm, it acts as a tonic which is very relaxing I imagine it has plenty of minerals like magnesium which relaxes everything in the body and mind. It is super easy to grow and spreads like wild so keep it in a small spot where it won’t get out of hand so much, but as I say, this herb does spread easily so if you don’t mind it popping up everywhere the wind blows then do that or grow it in a pot if not.


This is amazing. I am doing this next season.

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Lemon balm is my go to for almost anything even keeping mosquito’s away, it smells like citronella, even a slight brush against a leaf will make your hands smell highly of lemoniness! You can get it grow even this late in the season, doesn’t matter it will grow like weeds once established. lol


I meant the herb spiral, but cheers to the lemon balm as well, lol!