Herb links - for dreams, visions, and poisons

Questing after Visions
Greetings to the Forum!
I don’t know much about Evokation Magick, but I have learned a little bit about divinatory herbs.
It is a long list, and might seem boring. I hope it is helpful.
I will offer what links I know of here:
The Vaults of Erowid, Plants, drugs, legal issues
The Shroomery, self explanatory – but they are referring to Bitcoins which I will add later:
NeuroSoup, a lot of people don’t like her because she was involved in a bust once, but she has moved past it by far; too bad the sheeple can’t. She has an informative series on YouTube:
The Corroboree, a forum for those in the Southern Hemisphere:
Sources of herbs, including Ayahuasca:
Azarius shop inthe Netherlands has lots of info on herbals:
I’ve bought stuff from them -http://www.arenaethnobotanicals.com/
An article concerning the relevance of the psychedelic experience:

Grof observed that people who react badly to LSD are often: “in their everyday life… constantly concerned about maintaining perfect control over their feelings and behavior. They are afraid o ftemporary or permanent unleashing of instinctual energies, especially those of a sexual or aggressive nature, and of involuntary emotional outbursts. There is frequent preoccupation with the issue of loss of control and fear of social embarrassment, blunder and public scandal resulting from the ensuing behavior.” (LSD Psychotherapy, Stanislav Grof (Hunter House, 1980) p. 55)
Pics of bad drugs hitting the streets:
Henriett’s Herbal with facts about stuff for people wanting to do stupid things with poisonous herbs:
Index of Poisonous plants at Botanical.com
Michael Moore’s fantastic site with incredible links to REAL herb logy
BitCoins are used on the Silk Road and accepted by those conveying illicit drugs:

It’s just a fact, “Do what thou wilt…”, Hopefully you will do it with Love…

The truth about Fairies in the Garden: