Hera is amazing :

So this was one deity I was terrified off because her lore which does her no justice. Still as part of my Homeric hymns challenge, I invoked her. She ended up being a very nice Goddess. She is youthful though her energy is very mature and she has a love for wine. She can be very snarky though and carries herself with a very royal energy. She knows her place and that’s as a queen. She’s very beautiful as well.

So 3 days ago, I decided to do something about annoying ass guests I was getting, it was last minute but I petitioned Hera and Hermes and asked them to cancel said guests’ trip. Well it didn’t work exactly as planned but the guests will be traveling to another town before coming here for a while. She was event honest enough to encourage me to have a plan B.

Cool Goddess tbh


Praise Hera! :pray:

Queen of Heaven, look down on us as You shine. :star2:


Is she the same as heralah

I haven’t heard of the Goddess you mentioned before…

She’s only mentioned here on BALG it seems

but based on this it’s unlikely.



Based on the information it’s unlikely that it’s the Greek Goddess Hera.


I’ll second that. The closest deity I can see as being similar to Hera is Indrani from Hinduism but they’re not the same. Juno is often used interchangeably with Hera but I have no experience with the Roman Pantheon to say anything.

Nice, I looked her up because I was curious, her stories made me scared tbh

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Same along with Selene and Nyx but my experiences with them where beneficial


Yes, and Hera/Juno will help you quickly if you’ve got questions about her.

I was researching money, and came across Juno and wondered what her connection was with money.
So, I asked her, and a few minutes later I came across the information that explained her role in money.

So, basically, I respect all the divinities.

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Correspondences for invoking Hera and Juno, and any standard invocation or evocation call?