Hentyos evocation

Ok, so today I did my evocation of Hentyos.

O laid out all the implements and did the incantation from boa, as usual there was no visual but I sort of got an impression of something in front of me and towards the end of it I felt a definite cold spot. I then asked Hentyos if he was there. I heard a fairly quiet response in the back of my head saying he was. Probably because he’s a spirit I’m less familiar with I was having a bit of trouble hearing him so sometimes I would have to ask LD and SK to confirm what I thought he was saying.

Hentyos agreed to the terms of the arrangements we had made earlier and then I brought up my other idea about turning my copy of boa into a talisman, he said he would be willing to do this if I did a little extra favor for him, I agreed to do so and then commanded him to carry out the tasks we agreed upon and sent him on his way after which I felt the usual surge of power.

I had also asked Hentyos if he had any recommendations on who I should call next from boa, he suggested Lord Kilten but the divination I did would sugggest that it doesn’t really matter as long as who I call doesnt conflict with what Hentyos will be doing. I’m actually kind of leaning towards calling Mehmion next.

So yeah, I was mulling over who to call next , I went through the book and took down the names of anyone who either the spirits around me or my intuition said would be helpful. To decide for sure I did the same thing I did with my tarot card deck with my copy of boa. After doing this I was able to do the same thing where I shuffle the deck of cards til I stop on the right one except this time I flipped through the book until I stopped on the right demon name. The next guy I will evoke will be Suhntlock and then Mehmion after that. This makes alot of sense because I have been working on constructing my spirit empire and I think he will be alot of help there.

Excellent! I love hearing evocation stories :smiley:
I would actually like to see Hentyos bring an object to such a high vibration that it shatters. Actually, come to think of it - I would like to know how to do that myself.

[quote=“DKM, post:3, topic:254”]Excellent! I love hearing evocation stories :smiley:
I would actually like to see Hentyos bring an object to such a high vibration that it shatters. Actually, come to think of it - I would like to know how to do that myself.[/quote]

Well I’ve been talking with him while scrying and I sort of have an idea about how he accelerates objects and situations. Unfortunately to use these techniques I need to finish figuring out something else I have been struggling with as they are sort of variations of that.

This ties in to why Hentyos never seems to have a set form. He told me not to say why exactly he doesn’t because I think he wants you guys to figure it out, there’s a good reason why this is. It’s really amazing that he was chosen to be the first guy on my pathwork, because this is sort of all about what I am trying to achieve in the long run. Hopefully before my time with him ends I’ll be able to figure out the details behind the ideas he is conveying. But yes, I will be drawing two images of Hentyos which I will be posting here. You will probably be able to figure out what he is all about by viewing those images.

Also it seems there is a bija mantra associated with acceleration, I’m not sure if I translated it right but it sounded like zosh

Some of the concepts in this book might help you understand what Hentyos is about a little better http://www.amazon.com/Shapeshifting-Shamanic-Techniques-Personal-Transformation/dp/0892816635/ref=sr_1_5?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1342375522&sr=1-5&keywords=john+perkins

Did he give you any information on shapeshifting himself?

So, from what I’m gathering about this book, it’s kind of more of an inner alchemy rather than physical shapeshifting, right? I’m curious now. This is getting interesting defectron. Have you read this book yourself?

The Asetians in the “Asetian Bible” by Luis Marquis state that shapeshifting only occurs on the astral level…Does anyone have any different accounts first hand?


[quote=“Maxx, post:8, topic:254”]The Asetians in the “Asetian Bible” by Luis Marquis state that shapeshifting only occurs on the astral level…Does anyone have any different accounts first hand?


Nothing firsthand, however, out here in Utah we have Skinwalker’s Ranch - and I have heard tell of physical shapeshifting, though - I have not had any first person accounts myself. In the Castaneda books, Don Juan hints (and maybe even all out says) that physical shapeshifting is absolutely possible through the manipulation of the assemblage point. Turning into birds and different animals is one of the abilities The Death Defier was going to give Carlos at their first meeting.

[quote=“Maxx, post:8, topic:254”]The Asetians in the “Asetian Bible” by Luis Marquis state that shapeshifting only occurs on the astral level…Does anyone have any different accounts first hand?


At the risk of repeating myself, I’m going to chime in with my viewpoint on physical shapeshifting, because this is a Power I am very much interested in mastering myself - not necessarily to become a falcon or panther, but to enjoy the pristine Well Being of a God PHYSICALLY, for as long as I wish to remain here…

We are already doing the beginning stages of it, and there are literally hundreds, if not thousands of documented evidences surrounding extraordinary Yogic feats, instantaneous healings, etc. Do these not count as shapeshifting - at least an organ or bone, if not the whole body. Does this not seem like the same thing, only smaller? Like manifesting $10. because you think you cannot manifest $1,000,000.?

btw, DKM - I really like the Castenada books also!! :wink: Z

Exactly what I think too, Zoe :slight_smile:
What has to be remembered is that anything is possible. Literally. It all comes down to knowing the laws, and having the hacker’s mentality- that is, seeing the vulnerabilities even in the “rules” using this piece of code to perform a feat it was not written to do. That’s the trick - Bell Labs mother fuckers! :smiley:

This book has information about both inner and outer shapeshifting, it’s the same with Hentyos. Shapeshifting can be applied to situations and also to physical objects. Remember how I said shapeshifting is the holy grail of occult powers, the reason why is it can be applied to just about anything.

As for firsthand accounts, I have seen this happen first hand once, I also have seen one of Hentyos abilities demonstrated firsthand by someone I know, the one about shattering objects.

If you count healing as shapeshifting as I do, though its a rather basic sort some entities I’m associated with got a person in a wheelchair to walk again.

Yes, but how does one actually shapeshift, according to Hentyos? Physically that is.

Hentyos didn’t specifically explain how to shapeshift, what he did explain was that what he does is a type of shapeshifting and to make it work you need to understand that. That’s the tricky part because understanding shapeshifting is something I have been struggling with for awhile, hopefully with his help I’ll be able to get this down more quickly. Some details are a bit sketchy right now as I sort of had a jumble of concepts thrown at me the other night but hopefully it will become clearer over time. I’ll be meeting him again tonight while scrying and hopefully I can get this sorted out more.

Ok, I got a full complete explanation about how this is done, I can’t do it just yet because I can’t get deep enough into theta gamma when meditating yet, it requires practice in other words. But when I do I’ll know how to go about doing this. Hentyos doesnt want me to give it all away. But it works like telekinesis, which is also a form of shape shifting. I think Hentyos wants you guys to call him up and ask him yourself about how this works. But if you don’t feel like that, you can find an explanation I gave about how a certain unique application of telekinesis may work in a certain topic necro master made. The vibratory acceleration has the same concept behind it.

Also still working on getting the right wording for the bija mantra, I thought it was Zosh but now its sounding more like Eslosh. I think this will be like Uhl, which is used to give the one doing the mantra greater mastery over the occult, but here it would be used more to give them better mastery of the particular skills Hentyos employs.

Ok, the mantra is sounding more like Esxouss right now. Hentyos also suggested I try seeing what happens if I vibrate astral objects, this should be alot easier to do since I’ve had an easier time connecting with these in the past. Also should be pretty interesting to see what happens to them since when vibrations increase on the astral sometimes this can cause interesting stuff to happen.

So yeah I was sitting on the toilet in the bathroom when I notice a sort of distortion in front of me. This isn’t unlike when I first met LD and SK. It didn’t catch me by surprise this time though so I asked who it was. First thought that poped into my head was Azazel, but no that wasnt right, it was just someone associated with him, Hentyos. Hentyos said that I should call Kilton and Azazel next. After that my pathwork with Hentyos will be over and it’ll be time to move on to Antharratu.

These demons have no respect for privacy.

Yeah the spirits seem to like my bathroom, part of the reason is probably because I evoke there and usually don’t banish. Though the time LD and SK showed up was before I got into evocation.