My life as a 16 year old sucks. I always have to listen to my parents even though I don’t believe in what they are doing is right. My parents want to send me to islamic sunday school because they want me to be a muslim like them and I hate it. There is no way I am going back there again. Any demons or spirits or anyone can help me with this?

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Okay, so my answer isn’t what you are hoping for, but hear me out.

Speaking as someone who has been in your situation (except with a Catholic mother), I can safely say that this is temporary. I was still forced to go through the Eucharist, First Communion and so on, but I’m still not a Catholic. You can bring a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.

Yeah, sometimes we go to church from time to time, but if I were you, I would treat is as more of a chore but without complaining about it openly. It’s like ripping a band-aid off; the sooner you get it done, the sooner you won’t have to worry about it.

You could ask demons like Belial and King Paimon for help, sure, but I’ve asked them for help in getting out of stuff that I really didn’t want to do. Their response? They not only not help me out, but they either extend the time frame or pile on extra work on top of the thing I didn’t want to do. Yeah, I was disappointed, but I learned a valuable lesson: sometimes the best thing to do is to bite the bullet and deal with it.

I don’t know what your living situation is like, but if you live in the States and move out of your parents’ place after turning 18, you can do whatever you want.


I’m in Canada so just 2 more years

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There you go! Just two more years and you can move out of your parents’ place and practice whatever faith you want.


ig i have to skip sunday school lmao


Funny thing is back in grade 7, I told my parents I lost faith in islam and they was so mad so they sent me to sunday school ever since hoping I’ll change but I didn’t. What a waste of time, islam is def not for me.

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Depends, are you completely comfortable with the idea of subduing or potentially rendering your parents useless?

When I say completely comfortable I mean you must feel no remorse or care.

I’d say endure those 2 years with your parents. Then you will be free. Also, the more facts you know about that religion you don’t like, the stronger you can argue against it.

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:joy: arguing got him into a sunday school.
No need to argue about anything else. If he argues again he might be sent to a monday school also :joy::sweat_smile:

Just live those 2 yrs n be the free bird.

Maybe he could get admission in a school away from his parents and the sunday school?

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I wasn’t talking about arguing with his parents, more like arguing with other people in the future or arguing with his own mind.

OK. YOU ARE RIGHT. You have a point here :wink:

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When you go to Sunday School, yell hell Satan and act like your possessed until they kick you out. :slight_smile: problem solved. No more Sunday School. Trust me on this, your parents may be pissed, but this works.

But yeah, you got two years left, two more years of hell and you’ll be out of their clutches and free to do what you want. Just focus on your school and what you want to do when your older. Everything will fall in place for you eventually.

You could petition Belial to help shift your perspective on the situation. Keep in mind, he is the spirit who takes weaknesses of an individual and builds it into strength. So he may (or may not) decide to make the situation worse or more pressing so you are better prepared for the increasing expectations people have for you as you grow up into an adult. Not an easy lesson to learn but it is part of the process.

My personal advice: focus on your school, focus on what you want to do with life, and build your skills accordingly. The rest of it, just consider as training. Part of learning resistance is to learn how to ignore the drama from others (sadly, including the family you are born into. Family by your choice is a little bit different but to teach one’s own) in order to build your life while you still have it.

Except that can get him kicked out of the house.


But be very careful when aproaching him,
and aproach him with the most of respect you can.

He’s actually way to strong for a beginner to work with.

Simply ask him,
for a lower degree Spirit,
to work with you,
on your behalf.



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I was meaning that as a joke…

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