Helping to restore a relationship that messed up for someone else

So yesterday I meet a good friends girlfriend and through her body language it was clear that something was quite right. I also can’t shake the feeling that it was all because of me. Is there anything that I can do?

going to need more information to be honest.
the umbrella fix would be someone like Amon, who can help with reconciling friendships.

Well she would move away when I would speak and even further also I am new so who is Amon

he’s one of the spirits in the goetia. But i also did jump the gun on going straight to evocation for this. A bit early and haven’t had coffee yet :joy:

first try a simple divination of some sort to try to see why she feels uncomfortable around you. Tarot would be good, a pendulum will also suffice

and here’s the goetia, it’s pretty much free online now for the simple version at least