Helping to guide people who are ignorant about the occult

Are there any inconvenience on to giving advice to ignorant people about magick. I am in a fb group about Obsessive compulsive disorder, I removed OCD with Elemiah and Raphael (Hail great archangels). Could it be opposite of secrecy (like Hermetics said) ?

I wouldn’t call it necessarily an inconvenience but I would find the advice to either be sharply reputed if it clashes with the faith of another (assuming they cling to theirs very strongly to it) or it would be ignored entirely as far as the mass group goes. Now, if an individual is showing signs of being interested, you may have a potential to give them something to ponder on if they so choose. It is a feel your audience kind of thing.


Ok, I will try

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You can’t.

Unless someone takes an interest, you can’t change someone’s mind.

I used to expend so much energy trying to help other people and I would be left drained by it. I am learning that you can only help those who want to be helped, who are willing to be open minded and learn something new.

I understand your motivation, but you, too, will become tired and realize that you must focus all your energy on yourself.