Helping spirits grow stronger?

I’m planning on buying two spirits a fae and a vampiric spirit. But I’m just curious how i could help them grow stronger.

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Ask the person who intends to sell them to you.

Can you communicate with spirits?


Good point, never thought about contacting the seller. :+1: haha

I can’t communicate with spirits. I’m still learning how to open my astral senses.

The longer i bond with them the stronger they get, but their class stays the same. Otherwise i would have to order another one. Anyways thank you @Lady_Eva for the suggestion.

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Be prepared in case things arent as advertised.

My advice is to work with higher entities, a bit more well reputed than randoms bound by a random person, but up to you. You CAN help spirits grow stronger, via training, teaching, or helping them hunt and acquire spiritual ‘mass’. If you have access to the flames, you can use the purple as a catalyst for ~change~, but that requires a deft touch to do without harming the spirit in question


One issue you may run into is this - how will you get your point across? Sometimes words just don’t work well or are woefully incomplete. This may be “fine” while charging them up, but the other part of bonding with a spirit is putting it to use. And part of charging it adding intent into that, so they become more of what you’d like them to be. These are simple examples, but I hope the point is taken.

I would work on feeling free ones first and you may find you don’t need to pay for any to get help.

Start making offerings to land spirits. Fruit, food, beverage portions, etc… Give them honestly and consistently, say during the full or new moon. Combine it with an ancestor honoring ritual (which can just be words of thanks). That way, you’ll have two different types of spirits that you know will be present, to practice sensing before you spend money.

Hope it helps.


I wanted to get them to help further my progress in magick, but then again i might as well work with entities that are well known enough to be trusted as you stated already. I think i have blockages that is disrupting me. Causing me to fail conjurations, spells, summoning spirits etc.

I was going to get those two spirits from Creepy Hollows. Really not too sure now but at the same time i feel challenged to give them try. Thank you for linking that post, at least now it confirms that they do sell real spirits but i might regret it. (Found other sellers so I’m thinking about going to them instead)

I’ll definitely be putting them into good use.

Sounds easy enough to connect with spirits. I’ll give that a go, thank you for the information.

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The more you summon them and bring them into your life, the stronger they will become.

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