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I have decided to just put this out there to see how many others are on the same path and make it known that this is my intention to the entities I have already had contact with and will in the future. I feel weird calling them demons as there are negative associations with that word when they are positive beings. At the successful conclusion of what I have been working on up til now I do not intend to give up this path, instead working for the betterment of others through my skills. I have friends that I would like to get better jobs for, people I meet who have issues. I want to help them. Once I am more able to do this and the things I have asked for have come to pass, I will keep on growing and evolving. The stronger help the weaker. I have never been so positive in my life nor interested as I am now.


I would really appreciate it if you can help me with finding a job i am really looking for work but I’m from a very small place where there are not that many jobs here any job will do please if you can help

Happy to when I sort this all out. I travel 40k one way to work and I am only studying not working atm.

Thank you

I was actually thinking about doing something similar,I mean this forum is free to use.Lots of magicians help each other on here.I really like that frase;”the strong help the weak”.A part of me just says I should help others,even though moral really isn’t a thing anymore


I agree. I prefer entities or God’s and Goddesses.

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:japanese_ogre: :upside_down: so fun note about the results of rooting on the idea of viewing these forces as “entities” and stripping away the labels/nomenclature. As it becomes rooted and part of your mental paradigm, It opens up the doors of perception for said entities and works towards experiencing the core or nexus of a force.

Which can result in synchronicities regarding an entity you want to work with getting hurled at you from all directions from all kinds of sources. Kinda like gettin pegged in the head with a book they threw at you.

This type of synchronicity has happened with every Div worked with so far while exploring the work in black magick of Ahriman. Some more intensely than others :thinking: Not quite sure as to why on that one yet. Possibly more work is needed to establish a better connection. :upside_down:


Research the term demon and you will discovers its true meaning.


Lol given my name I have done that already :wink: Just a personal preference.

Do you do reading?
And if so can I get one?

Just starting out myself. You might want to check the rules btw