Helping one pass over

A close friend of mines’ father is in his mid-eighties and is dying slowly of cancer… he is on his death bed and will most likely not return from hospital. He has been in and out of hospital for about 2 years now and is continually getting worse.

She has asked that if possible, could something be sent to him to help this transition so he passes quietly, without prolonging the pain.

The problem is all the entities I read who kill, do so painfully and seem to revel in the victims misery… Is there an entity that could help her father die quickly and peacefully? I cant evoke but I seem to be getting somewhere with sigil work, so I can at least get the entity’s attention.

Any advice?

Perhaps an entity just to ease the pain or discomfort he is feeling could help if your unable to find an appropriate spirit to help him pass. Perhaps Samael depending on how you view him could be the Angel of Death needed for such an operation.

There are something like 3 spirits associated with death in Kingdoms of Flame, might be worth looking there. Also, yea, spirits of healing can also be spirits of mercy. Raphael might be worth talking to.

On a different track from the grimmoire angle, I know of this issue (in process of passing on) from the Taoist system I’ve learned and what is called Inner-Dissolving. This is a meditative technique that is done on one’s own mind (but that later can be done in contact with another to “dissolve” via that contact pt, and then to “assist” the Other’s mind to dissolve and go Sung at a fundamental level).
I don’t know how well I could describe it here (not just in length, but in how well it is communicated via writing vs exper, also how well a reader “struggles” with it (to ref the chinese word related to inner-skills). - in a sense there is a sense in one’s Being (at first just in a part of your body- say muscles in your leftfist, and then more and more of… and then emotional a certain pt within (thus requires being able to recognize ah that emotional-chuck over there distinct from others- vs only subjective blend… and then parts of the Mind-structure- where the jams are)…
but the overall feeling is like say a small animal (whether a hamster, a kitten, a puppy or such- even an infant) you see over in the corner and it seems ok but you sense it is uneasy… you approach and notice that it is ok with you being there, but there is a little-tension almost a quiver (whether nervous, or upset, or just twitchy…) but you might find if you make eye contact (slight, giving it space, not direct start ofdomination), and it feels your presence it can “let go” a bit… it you “pet” it a bit it can “let go” a bit more… feeling more safe and more open… etc… (during this if you just crashed in, or even once it was fully slumped- I see the kitten/puppy on its back eyes closed, showing it belly or muzzle to be patted- if you just get up suddenly and leave… kind of a shock… so ease in gradually, as the other responds, and also ease back out after)… (that is done as if the tension in a fist: clench a fist until it is “white-knuckled” then stop tensing, without “opening it” not much visible difference, but not adding tension… and still it is Tight and ShutDown… how much of your system has to adjust to let that Tight area Become more Ok with where it is? (thus the first part of above is framed in the second part of the reaction and “letting go” which is a result of “dissolving”)

The result of feeling this in your mental space is a greater sense of space- more open and ok, and thus the automatic deep breath-sigh. and perhaps flow better… That is part of that style of meditation (so many meditations, same word- little relation), but done in hospice, or even just with a non-meditator (as I was told this being a way to translate into the practices I learned by Tibetan Monks doing the death-and-dying work- sit with and as the change is occur, shifts of opening into that Other-place… the above)… more to what dissolve is and how to stabilize, but something there- if that helps

 Question could be doing above, but could that be related to a sigilized Entity?  (ie could a being of Pure Power and Pure Conscious utilize a skill based upon the focus and sharing of contact of Consciousness and Power?    there is a sharing and reaction-to the tone of the minds involved, so there is that issue).  luck

Okay thanks. I think I’ll try Raphael since I’m more familiar with him than Samael. Do I hold sigil in right hand for Angels?

Taokua - Thats sounds pretty advanced and something I would like to learn more about, thanks.

[quote=“Brutus, post:5, topic:1022”]Okay thanks. I think I’ll try Raphael since I’m more familiar with him than Samael. Do I hold sigil in right hand for Angels?

Taokua - Thats sounds pretty advanced and something I would like to learn more about, thanks.[/quote]

I don’t hold the sigils at all when I open them. If I hold them I can’t focus as well and allow myself to get into the right state of mind. I just lay mine down on a table or set them up against something like a picture frame so that all I can see is the sigil and paper background, if I see other surfaces behind it or something it takes forever for me to open a sigil. If I use the method I described it usually only takes a few minutes to open.

I always assumed the left hand aspect was just symbolic of LHP or the possibly to do with the unconscious part of the brain like Tarot will have you cut and lay out the cards with the left hand.

If you know how to approach him through astral means, you can help him personally,… This way you can accompany him.

I’ve done this a couple of times by using a shamanic technique. This is called “psychopompos”. This way the person who dies crosses over with a feeling of peace and trust. It is as if you’re holding his hand.

I don’t have a preference for which hand I hold the sigil in - it doesn’t seem to matter. Sometimes I don’t hold it in my hand at all. Do what feels proper to you.