Helping an Strong Earthbound Spirit

Hey, I’m in need of a serious ritual to release this strong yet stubborn earthbound spirit. I’ve been plagued by his nonsense for a year now but I have come to find out that he has been haunting me since I’ve been a child (6 years old). As a child I became aware of his presence and it scared me so I ignored him and forgot about him. Now at 27 I was re-acquainted with him and it’s been a nightmare ever since. I can’t sleep, he possesses my body, my relationship has been strained because of his manipulation of my feelings and those of my mate. I’ve began looking at rituals to banish him for good and he has become apprehensive and now wishes for me to help him move on yet he is still aggressive and stubborn and is hell-bent on causing me harm as I continue to do things to help myself and him. I’m just in NEED for a powerful ritual to help this lost earthbound spirit move on. Thank You.

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