Helping a loved one pass over when they have been dead 6+years

Need help on how I go about helping my grandma pass over I have recently been aware of her presence but she doed in 2012 I know the longer they are here the harder it is to help them go “into the light” any ideas how I can help her…I’m pretty sure I know why she stayed because she fought so hard while she was alive to keep my family together but we are all so distant now I havent even talked to my dad since 2011 and neither have my other siblings. I’m gonna talk to my sisters maybe they can help me as well…if they dont think I’m completely nuts you think it might be a good start ?

I would recommend trying to contact her or the harder way do what she wanted to do when she was here to reconnect the family I don’t know you guys circumstances but try to work it out maybe by doing that you’ll put her in peace

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Here’s what I suggest I did this for my younger cousin.

Get a small table, place a photograph of her and a few of her belongings. The reason why is because in life we leave energetic imprints on our possessions there by leaving a remainder of that persons essence.

Place a wine glass in the tables center this is done, in ancestory work. Place around the glass a offering of something she liked while alive. For example her favourite candy or food or flowers.

Next light a white candle, close your eyes and think of your her. Remember the deepest moments you had together, this will trigger some deep emotions and energy from emotions are powerful.

Say her name over and over, then simply say.

‘Come back to me’. Tell her you brought her a gift or offerings. Tell her everything’s gonna be fine and that she doesn’t need to stay around tell her you love her.

Explain that for the family to truly heal she must pass on, she needs to understand that her memory will always stay with you lot.

Then simply draw a circle of salt around her photo and say.

‘ It’s time to move on ‘.

Gather up all emotions you have all sadness of her going in your chest and exhale deeply, this will create a opportunity for her to move on.

Then you can just cleanse the house if you want.


That’s what I was thinking as well I know i can convince my sisters it my dad that is gonna be hard but worth the try

Love it I’m gonna try it thank you …I been doing alot of reading and they said the same about possessions the dead person has I dont have anything that is hers I dont know how she found me me cause I moved and lived in at least 6 different states since she had passed

You can also call people she loved who have passed on to come and help. It’s easier for them to go with someone they know.

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Our loved ones do visit us from time to time. She might not be having a problem. She might simply be saying hello.

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The one who your after is psychopomps, or charon charun known as the gatekeeper the ferryman contact him he may be able to help with that quest.:sunglasses:

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Agreed with previous post. Ask a psychopomp for help. Different traditions approach the issue in different ways. But being “stuck” is not in the nature of things and there are ways to get help and unstuck

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