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I have a friend who is like me very inclined towards the occult, she doesnt practice and is however very affraid. She insists that spirits are attacking her in her appartment although whenever i was there everything was fine. Today we were talking on a phone and i was doing a tarot reading for her. For the first time ever i heard whispers and hissing in the backround. After that i went for a ciggarette and my phone has dialed 10 people while in my pocket. Although the spontaneous dialling might not be that big of a deal the hissing voices gave me the creeps, because i get paranoid very that as it may i want to help her out. Any ideas?
PS: My close friends and my mother and brother know about my occult practices, some have since the begginning and dont judge, they are mostly supportive,could this anger some of my spirit friends and if so how do I find out in way that good for both me and the spirits?
Thank you in advance

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Just sage and perform an excorsim of sorts so that anything negative is removed from the house. As for family knowing you practice shouldn’t be to much of big deal but don’t tell them everything you are working on in great detail as this can freak them out lol.


If your friend does not practice and you do not want direct involvement for (reasons) then there are two easy cleansing techniques. Tell her to keep a clean home and burn incense regularly. Also tell her to make sure she laughs her ass off at something while at home every day. I’m talking genuine, hearty laughter. Hope this helps.


Thank you greatly friends.

I’ve heard that sometimes them knowing about occult workings can cause thoughtforms to weaken ritual and what not. Just make sure you don’t tell them too much

@Jake have you tried walking into the room and commanding them to begone by the name of (insert Archdemon/Spirit)?

Havent tried anything yet honestly i will when i will be there.

I had a similar situation. My girl friend before she was my girlfriend claimed that everytime i came around, the day after i left things were happening in her house. My presence was bothering something in her home. I didnt believe it until one day she came home and her cross was broken on the floor, along with a candle that usually is by her window was somehow on the other side of her room in front of her bedroom door. Odd for sure

The second time something happened was during the night, she called me at 330 in the morning because her entire glass dining room table made a loud boom and shattered everywhere. Shes a fed and grabbed her firearm bc she thought someone broken inside of her home. She began having bad dreams at night giving her night sweats. This always would happen the evening after i would leave.

What happened next would be more odd. To this day every evening i.text her brb, going to meditate… every time that i meditated the day after i was there her electronics started to malfunction. It was weird AF. So now I started wondering if she is just making shit up. The last thing that happened was i came out of meditation and she textes me back saying this needs to stop, and send me a video of her ceiling lamp spinning in circles from nothing that is in the same area the table was above her new table, where you can see an orb floating around, and a smokey substance on the bottom. I still have the video, its fucking crazy lmao.

She always said no FD (freaky deaky, an inside joke) but she said to please do something, so I did a candle ritual from my house during the dark moon, and told her to light a black candle in her house on the table as a link. So set up my altar with sage, and my black candle, summoned the spirit to my apartment, hit it with the sage, forced it into a talisman, and threw the talisman into the Hudson river. After that nothing ever happens again. Ghost busters 2017


When there’s something strange in your neighborhood…throw it in the Hudson. That sounds about right, lol. You could seal the sun itself in that cesspool. I remember when the governor drank out of the river to prove how safe the water was during the dredging debate in the late 90’s. I’m watching, thinking to myself “this man now knows what tapeworm shit tastes like…”


Hahaha the amount of bodies in there lmao. It could kill any entity i feel like.

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Lol, yep. Bodies and the questionable bi-products of science fiction deposited by GE. I’m from Albany originally and I have seen some weird stuff caught in the low lying tree branches along the Hudson after the water levels go down. I actually saw a syringe stuck into a diaper that was stuck in a tree branch about a foot above the water line. Hep C? Check. Fecal choliform bacteria? Check. Mind numbing weirdness while you try and figure out how all that got there? Check.

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Thanks man much apreciated :slight_smile:

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