Helping a friend with Law

When I got kicked out of my house my friend took me in for a month and fed me and put a roof over my head. Apparently he got locked up and he asked me to bail him but I dont have the money.

I immediately thought evoking Belial and asking him to help him.

But the bail is a lot and Ive never done magick for someone else. Do I need to sacrafice blood since its a bigger request or would Belial understand?

Ive had money on my mind because Im ready to escape the rat race. The fact I dont have enough to bail him out rn just gives me more reason to make more.

Along with belial Ill be doing a money ritual so that I can hopefully get enough to bail him out. We really bonded over the month and hes a good guy so I wanna do all in my power to help.


You are assuming that bail is the only way to get your friend out of jail. It’s not.

Belial could do anything from having the charges completely dismissed to lowering the bail amount. Never assume how the demon is going to fulfill the request. Simply ask him to help you get your friend out of jail, and ask him what he wants in return.


Thank you I shouldn’t have let the fear get to me.
As I began to wrote this a repayment came in my head but ill ask anyways.

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