Here’s my story, Immediately after I divorced my x wife, 4 years ago, my life took a nose dive at the age of 32. I lost my job as a banker, to a close friend of my new director without cause, lost all money in bad investments and have been unable to land a job to this day. Although i have had numerous job interviews I never ended up with the job. Jobless for years, unbelieveable, i cant even get a janitorial job if i wanted to.

However, Before my divorce everything i touch turned to gold, I was a rising star in my community, now i cant even toss a rock into the ocean. Im now living off others for food, shelter and clothing, moving around to see if it would help but the same thing keeps happening. Everyday I rise it just gets much more difficult i lost all hope a few months ago bcus thing got so bad, but something told me to hang on.

As a teenager I had several encounters with the spiritual realm but these memories slowly faded with success. there were instances where my dreams often would materialize in the physical.
however i prayed for it to stop after i had a dream of death and it unfolded before me the next day. This scared the hell out of me and i begged God to stop whatever was allowing this and it did stop. I degress, but things are really bad moneywise, I am not even in a postion to pay a magician for help either, no money. Everythig i tried hasnt worked yet, not even prayers. Can anyone provide me with an effective job spell.

For quick cash use the blue and silver candle spell in the BALG ebook. It’s good for about $60 every time I use it. The magick square SEQOR will generate a more substantial gain, though it takes a little longer to manifest. There is a thread under money spells that details how to use the square.

As far as finding work goes you’ll need to evoke a powerful spirit to help you. Do you own Book of Azazel or any other trusted grimoire? I believe you can find a copy of the Goetia online for free. Start there. Look up an entity that specializes in social intrusion or influence over career paths and evoke said spirit. Also evoke a spirit that removes blockades from your path. Finally prior to an interview use a spirit that can implant telepathic messages into your target and leave a positive impression of yourself. Lord Kilton from BOA does this very well. Hope this helps you figure it out. Sorry there’s no one size fits all easy fix. Also voodoo oils for money work well too!



Thanks ZachD555

I will do some further research on BALG and SEQOR ebooks. I never heard of or own the book of azazel or grimore Im new to the arts. I really appreciate the leads. Thanks a million, I really appreciate it.

Glenroy the first thing I would do would be to take a cleansing/uncrossing bath. You may have some negativity attached to you from your ex that is affecting you. A Hyssop bath or even a bath in consecrated sea salt can help remove this. ZACHD555 gave solid advice as well. Since your new to magic evoking may be a while away for you but there are other methods available such as candle and sigil magick. If you decide to use a voodoo/hoodoo oil I would suggest some steady work, prosperity, and road opener oils and powders. Use these to annoint and dress your candles, and petition papers for your money spells.

Also SEQOR is not an ebook it is one of the Abramelin square designed to help manifest money.

Your biggest roadblock in money spells (any spell actually) will be a lust for results. The more you worry about how long is it going to take to work, will it work etc the more likely it is to fail. Your own doubt plays into making it not work. Do your spell forget about it and go on about your life. If you do think about money results do so with confidence that it’s on it’s way and it’s already yours.


I found a cleansing spell that includes the use of rue oil and other items. most of these items arent readily available where i live in the caribbean. The only items i can get are sage, sea salt, cinnamon would the cleansing work if the rue oil isnt included as part of the bath?

Yea you’re good

Thanks, much appreciated…

Cant wait to develop and learn more about the arts.

Use the salt and such as the cleansing agent and the cinnamon to change the atmosphere. You want to turn it into a positive space. Right now my part of this place is dark and negative, perfect for what I work with. For you it needs to be filled with light, get a few nicely colored candles that smell good, try to get white curtains that just decorate, etc… it’s really that simple. If you could score some Florida water and door opening from dante you would definitely see things looking up soon

Also do a sage burning through the house and the next day do some sort of sweet smelling incense, along with the bath. If you can clean up the place and move things around to where it look more positive then that would be great… You want the environment to be not only a place that draws positive energy but to also radiate it. Plus change your schedule, eat more things like fruit and water

Thanks necromaster,

florida water? wow I used to see this around my moms house and she would often bath with it, Im sure i could get my hands on some, thanks alot.

ever since i have started my research into the arts my dreams are starting to return. But more so nitemares. I dreamt God or a man calling himself god came to me instructing me not to call him God Almighty but rather Father God almighty and was beating my jokingly with a bottle of water…these are the strange dreams Im now having… do you thing this is has anything to do with new interest…just a thought

I’m the Lord and I don’t approve of that dream. What kind of asshole do they take the Lord for?.. Glenroy when you wake up I want you to look outside and speak the mantra “fuck bitches, get money”… I say that mantra a good bit and it helps me focus on the good things in life

Quite an inspirational mantra Necromaster

Glenroy, I’m willing to bet your dreams are coming from some internal conflict you have between magic and your religious upbringing. Meditate/contemplate on what god is to you and you may start seeing through a lot of religion and find spirituality. I believe in god but detest religion.

I have also seperated myself from religion several months ago after I saw no positive benefits during my difficult times.

Also I again (last nite) where i dreamt the male figure representing God saying he will not activate the power until he is certain I will not again become arrogant and boastful but rather humble. the reason i find this strange is bcus as a teenager and young adult I had several spiritual encounters. There was one instance where money was stolen from the company and a friend invited me to participate in a ritual where a pair of scissors was placed inside a bible “Exodus 20” and tied with a cord then we both held it with or index fingers suspending it in mid air. He bagan chanting a phase whihc i recently read in the lesser keys of solomon and before my eyes i saw the bible lift off our fingers and flew into the air spining violently then falling to the floor torn to pieces.

Do you thing this may have left negative energy with me? just a thought? and if so would the salt bath remove it.

I just need a job in the worst way…

At this point there are two options to help glenroy with his situation.

  1. Teach him how to do magick,

  2. Do magick for him, then teach him how it’s done.

I’m guessing Glenroy looks cursed, and to aid his cleansing ritual, the sigils of spirits who can stop such baneful magick should be opened. Then a magickal square for money should be opened to help you.

Since nobody is doing this for you (and I currently am involved in a lot right now), I should probably at least teach you the operation of opening sigils so you can do it on your own. Since nobody has done that, I will copy something E.A. himself wrote to many of us. Since this is how I learned how to do this correctly, I will pass it on to you.


“”"" Helping other magicians learn the secrets of power through workshops, lectures, consultations, and the like, I often answer the same question for different aspirants time and again.

As you progress you’ll also branch out of the basic forms of magick like candle magick spells and will begin to experiment with things like spirit contact, evocation, astral travel, and sigil magick.

And that is where a lot of people seem to be having difficulty, specifically with sigil magick.

So, I wanted to take some time to hopefully offer some tips and pieces of advise that will make the subject of sigil magick much more feasible.

First, let me explain a bit about what sigil magick is, exactly.

Sigils are the symbols that are attributed to most spirits that are found in grimoires. You can almost imagine the sigil to be the spirit’s phone number. You can look through any major grimoire and notice the names of the spirits, their attributes, sometimes descriptions of their appearance, and their sigil.

The first thing that you will obviously need to do is find a spirit that specializes in the task that you need to accomplish. For instance, if you want to call on a spirit to heal someone, you could call on Marbas or Raphael, whereas if you want to bring greater financial prosperity into your life, you’d be better to work with a spirit like Clauneck.
Once You Have The Phone Number, All You Have To Do Is Dial It…

That’s what I hope to help you with here. I want to make calling up a spirit sigil as easy as calling a friend on a mobile phone.

Dialing the Number

1.It is important that you draw the sigil in thick, black ink. Gazing at the sigil is supposed to be an effortless task, so if you’re having to strain your eyes even a little to see the lines of the sigil, you’re going to pull yourself out of the necessary psychological and physiological states. I’ve learned to draw the sigil on a 6 inch square of white paper, in thick, black, permanent market. To make sure that I’m drawing it correctly, though, I’ll first sketch it on the paper square in pencil, and then trace over that in black marker.

2.Hold the sigil in your left hand, letting the back of your hand rest easily on your lap. Again, you don’t want to strain to see it, but instead want to simply gaze at the sigil easily.

3.Gaze at the sigil. Notice that I use the word “gaze” rather than “stare” or even “look.” There is a definite reason for this. When you’re staring at something, you’re putting quite a bit of effort into it. You’re straining your body, your facial muscles, and usually slightly increasing your heartrate and blood pressure as you do so. These will all detract from activating the centers that need to be activated to charge the sigil. If you are simply “looking” at the sigil, you are noticing it almost as a background object. “Gazing,” however, implies a certain sort of relaxation, as well as a familiar and even intimate observation.
Imagine You Are Observing Your Lover…

To drive this point home, think about it this way: Imagine that you are observing your lover. Looking at your lover, staring at them, and gazing at them all embody entirely different emotions, thoughts, and even physiological states!

4.As you’re gazing at the sigil, bring into as clear an imaginative picture as you can. You want to try to create a mental snapshot of the future that you’re trying to manifest. If you want money, see yourself spending the money, or holding it. If you want love, see yourself with your lover, embracing. If you want sex… well, you get the idea.

5.Continue to gaze at the sigil, and concentrate on the mental image you’ve created, and now start to fill that image with emotion. In other words, start to feel the emotions that you anticipate feeling once your goal has been fulfilled. You want to get to the point where you feel the emotion of it so strong that it’s almost as if you already have the thing that you’re trying to manifest!

6.This is where the magick starts to happen! About 80-85 percent of people that use this method start to see the sigil “flash.” The lines of the sigil will appear to disappear from the paper, and then they reappear. BUT, when they reappear, they are now in 3 dimensions, as if they are floating above the paper, or beaming out of it. They may take on different energetic colors as well. The remaining percentage of people who don’t see this instead are hit with an intense intuitive awareness that the sigil is charged, that the spirit has answered, and that their goal will be achieved.

A fun side-note is that once you reach this point, you are in the seemingly elusive theta/gamma sync! And, once you’ve experienced that, it’s very easy to come back to whenever you want.

7.Finally, verbalize whatever it is that you want the spirit to do for you. Know that it is in the room, and that it will carry out your wishes.

This is a very simple and unimaginably powerful form of magick.

But don’t take my word for it. Think about something that you want in your life, find a spirit that can bring it to you, and fire up a sigil! “”""
-E.A. Koetting.

Now, I will give you a piece of advice E.A. personally gave me, don’t open five of them, one after the other. And don’t open more than one for the same goal, just open the sigil and forget about what you’ve done. When you get whatever you desired the sigil to attain, thank the spirit, and burn the sigil (while thanking the spirit for it’s help).

The one question I have for you is, what kind of spirits do you want to work with, if you have no preference, I can point you in a few directions on where to look for sigils.

Best of Luck,
-Frater Apotheosis

Thank you so much. I truly appreciate this.

The spirits im intersted in are the ones that can remove the negative energy that surrounds me and open doors leading to and gaining employment and success in business allowing me to earn to support my family.

Can I also share this with you, About three years ago when i was apart of a certain temple one of the members had a bladder infection which resulted in him peeing blood and rapid loss of weight. One night it got so back that he came to the temple crying and drenched in bloody urine. At that time i was the only there at the temple; long and short I was given ritualistic instructions from the leader to perform on him and within hour in him coming and leaving the temple the bleeding stopped completely and he was back to full health and strenght. However I am no longer a member of the temple, my question is; is that kind of power only available to persons who addresses the creator by the specific name that we used at the temple?

and, do you think im being punished for my departure from the said temple? Just decide to ask as i dont have anybody to really discuss these issues with…