My attention was fixed into a ritual in which a triangle of manifestation is designed to magnet a talisman ( a candle for eexemple). The setup is inspired by Henri Gamache’s “The Master Book of Candle Burning”, a book written in the early 40s that apparently had a big influence on Hoodoo practice.
Anyway it is mentionned To work à thursday for jupiter. I didn’t because i was exausted. But since in the ritual Even if jupiter is the main stream charging influence, the author of this method had mentionned the interferances of other planets such as venus saturn and the Sun.
To purchase the ritual Even if i missed thursda can i do it for exemple sunday at the frame time of the hour of jupiter instead of waiting till next thursday ?
P.s : the ritual ends the day it begans

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It would likely work just fine. Timing is simply meant to use the naturally occurring flow of energy at the time to help amplify success. It can still be done successfully outside of the time period, although it may be harder to get that extra punch behind it.

That being said, not casting when exhausted is a good practice as it can interfere with focus and increase chances of failure even with that natural flow so you made a completely understandable call.


Yes, Sunday is success & the all-purpose day. Using the Jupiter hour should be very similar to doing it on a Thursday.

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