I’m very afraid I need help/confirmation about what I’m trying to do, I’ve been thinking about the best way for me to evoke so I came up with the idea to astral project it feels easiest for me compared to using a sigil. Then I was thinking about opening my clairaudience and clairvoyance points then entering into a hypnagogic state, then sleep paralysis,then astral projecting from there. I’m just worried if any of this is incorrect I just wanna evoke because if I don’t get the help I could be homeless. Please let me know if this is right, if there’s anything I need to know please, thank you!!

If you are doing it through projection you don’t need to evoke unless the being’s domain is closed off, I project rather than evoke through sigils because I find sigils to be more than likely tied to thoughtforms unless the actual entity charges it with their energy, or you’ll just be opening a door to a random entity or a bunch of thoughtforms.

So all in all you do what works for you that helps you seek help from the entity, although you should also look into ‘mundane’ help also.


How do you know if the demons domain is closed off? @anon48079295

For me it’s when trying to enter a place the owner/entity doesn’t allow me without permission is usually a forced and I see that I haven’t moved from the point of projection I started, it’s not until then I will try and call to the entity in question.

I’m soo sorry could you explain it a different way I got confused @anon48079295

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Think of it like an unforeseen force repelling you back, that’s how it is for me when I try to enter a place without permission if the entity has it closed off. At that point is when I try and call out or evoke them while in projection.

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So to go to one of their domains just think of going their or something?? @anon48079295

I am not sure of all the methods but personally I tend to take a bit to find the entity I’m looking for, however, there are open ended evocations but it risks meeting fakes among the real deal.

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Thank you :pray: do you think my whole astral projecting opening chakra points plan will work? I need to know from an expert so that’s why I’m asking you :sweat_smile: @anon48079295

I believe the chakras are always open, however they are like a muscle that requires work, your muscles/chakras are there and working but they require work to operate on their peak performance. Also I’m not a expert lol, I only speak from my own experiences that may or may not greatly differ from others.

I got the idea of opening up the chakra points from
Do you think that’s good enough to activate my astral hearing, cuz I plan on astral projecting tonight @anon48079295

I’d say give it a shot, you should experience other forms of ways to see what works for you

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@anon48079295 thank you :pray: I wish you a blessed life yuh :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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It’s part of satanic power meditation,you should do it 4 days or more when is needed,you will not get instant results.If you are struggling with visualization than is not right for you,this types of exercises involve a certain level of experience.
I suggest this meditation for you to begin with: meditate every day.

The link didn’t work @princessofdarkness sry

I don’t struggle with visualization at all I find it easy and also what do you mean by certain level of experience if it’s just visualization

Then do it and tell me how it goes. It’s not as simple as it looks,it was not for me in the beginning.First part is simple,just visualisation,if you want more complex,you should do „chakra breathing“ where you absorb energy with each inhale and slightly expands and brighten each chakra you are focusing on,upon the exhale.

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