May I get some help in any way? A certain spirit is attached to me everywhere I go and gives me physical harm. I’m not allowed to perform any rituals. I don’t know what to do.

Not allowed? Do you live at home with parents or something? If anything, do any banishing or the LBRP in your bathroom. Use the “Great Voice” where you either whisper or say the words in your head. You don’t have to shout. Best of luck!

Would you please explain better in detail? I have absolutely no knowledge of magic. All I know is that I attract too many unwanted visitors from the spirit realm due to a constant drive for a close connection with a couple spirits.

Maybe this newsletter from E.A Koetting might help you :slight_smile:

Thanks. I’ve read that before. I’m sure it works but what do I do if it already enters my body? Over the course of a year, it seems to be making noises with my digestive tracts and creating alien voices out of my lungs. The loud booms and thuds are a regular thing within my house. Oh and yeah I do live with my parents.

Have you been to a doctor? I would rule out anything mundane before I assumed I had something living inside of me. I have asthma and often wake up in the middle of the night due to wheezing, and sometimes, very strange sounds when I exhale. But it’s only asthma.

As of matter of fact it’s a good possibility but this isn’t asthma. They’re mostly “nasty energies” as E.A. would say but I’m trying my best along with a spirit I have a relationship with to not attract any other bigger spirits such as “demons”

If its really in your body, kick it out, , feel it inside your body, is it centralized anywhere? Force it out of yourself.

To keep shit away from you try miloshs triangle vein wards, although banish before using it to make sure you dont end up trapping anything INSIDE your room.

Yeah thanks. No it doesn’t seem to be centralized anywhere. It just likes to cause physical harm and sometimes likes to keep me up at night. Ofcourse most of power from it is after nightfall. Probably the most irritating feeling is when it tries place an excessive amount of pressure on my face area. The constant shuvs and pinches have become a regular thing now. Very annoying.

I’m not allowed to do any rituals but If I can do them quickly and discreetly, I will try.

Lungs and digestive tract? Demons? Is it giving you gas? Some believe that demons smell of sulfur…

Interesting that someone here is worried about a curse, because i started considering that there might be one in action in my case too.

The other thing might be that there after all is something like “karma” and i have really gathered a lot of bad stuff…

I have been in weird thoughts and paranoidic anxious feelings for some days now, and even before that i was slowly going towards this… Like something pushed me to read and think about things that make me go insane, after my other worries had reliefed… Not sure what to do, i think if this is something attached to me its really big.

I believe it’s a possibility of demons. I’ve felt strong presences before but they mostly come and go. As for the scent of sulfur. I can’t be sure. I’m not even entirely sure I know what sulfur smells like. I do hear loud “thumes” in my ears in each ear seperately at different times. I know it takes it a lot of energy to create “thumes”. Whenever I would feel a strong presence, it mainly happens at night when I’m in bed. I feel a huge body laying beside me or standing beside me and can often hear and feel a warm breath inhaling and exhaling. My entire body may feel like it’s laying on top of the belly of a great dragon from tales of folklore. It’s an interesting experience but I know that it’s not the kind of spirit I want around me. I know definetly that there are a lot of unwanted energies. I want to know if there is anything I can do discreetly.

The OP may not be admitting it in this post or his other most recent post, but he has admitted it to me before and has mentioned it on other topics that he DOES do magick while drunk, so clearly he is not being straight forward for fear of judgment over his alcoholism which in understandable, but the only way to get any help is to be honest. And saying:

‘I did a ritual while drunk and now have a poltergeist’ in one topic
Pulling a Britney Spears in a 2nd topic and saying Oops I did it again!
Then saying ‘I do not do rituals and magick while drunk’ in a 3rd topic, is not being honest.

It sounds to me like the OP either doesn’t want to do the work himself or is doubting his abilities and doesn’t give his rituals his full concentration, and is posting all of these incidents hoping someone else will do the banishings for him. I’m not trying to be a bitch, but some people just will not heed the advice you give them and continually complain that nothing works. It becomes obvious that a person just doesn’t want to do the work themselves when you give the same banishing ritual to 3 other people and they all say, thanks this worked like a charm especially when one of the people you gave the ritual to has only been a magician for 6 months and it worked for them.

So if all of the spells and advice we share are working for everyone else but not working for a specific person, than that person is the one to blame for their failures. And drinking alcohol before ritual and evocation can anger the spirits because you don’t have the decency to contact them while you are sober and coherent. I imagine this would drive some spirits to linger around and cause problems because they are tired of being contacted by someone who is drunk.

When we drink, many times we think we are in control when we are not because our judgment is too impaired to notice our own strange behaviors.

Personally i’m often more “myself” when im drunk, unless you mean “really really drunk”

I know you’re not a *****. (I don’t want to offend women). Thanks for being honest. I guess you’re right. I never really thought about it that way.

Yeah I’m personally a casual drinker

Its a subconscious thing. When you drink, certain processes that weren’t subconsciously automated tend to take a back seat in some cases. I guess it depends on how much control you have when your drunk. But being drunk changes your awareness. When I drink I am aware that I have to work a little harder to walk straight or just compose myself.

I spend a little more conscious effort controlling things. It also changes attention span as well. Being possessed also does a certain thing to attention span and awareness, depending on what your possessed by.

Same here. It’s more fun to be less subconscious though. That’s why it’s so fun to drink and gamble, but I believe I may be prone to addiction. So knowing where my limit is and stop drinking all together is probably the best advice I can get.

You could try calling on Hathor and admitting you may have fucked up while drunk and would like some help, she will NOT judge you on it and she’s extremely powerful.


Well I used to be an alocholic a few years ago so I know how quickly a casual drinker can head down that path and before you know it, you can’t even get drunk unless you drink an entire 12 pack to yourself. Some of the spirits got frustrated with me. One of them started manipulating the energy in my home and everyone that visited me, we got in a nasty fight eventually, among other things. The other 2 spirits ignored me for almost 5 years straight and would not talk to me until I quit drinking.