I think I may have accidentally telepathically communicated with Shugal and Chronzon and heard that it should NOT be done. But I didn’t do it deliberately, they seemed to have messaged me. Now I am at a funeral so it could be external forces like a Tricker Spirit. I am feeling a headache, pressure, dizziness, nausea, weakness, Numbness and shaking but I’m still going through an Awakening so there’s that.

Could someone who works with them give me clarity or could someone please read me and tell if this is true and what to do if it is ?

Thank you for you time I’m really nervous and would appreciate some advice :heart:

If they reached out to you what’s the problem? I do this all the time, I don’t know why it shouldn’t be done?

You’re a god, remember? You’re among equals, and you can hear them and they you without needing a fancy ritual or TGS, congratulations!

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Most Occultists say that you should not commune with them via telepathy because it’s not safe.

“Most” who!? I’ve never heard that… xtian Bishops that want to deny people direct access to the divine maybe.

Since I trust myself first and others maybe an outside second, I think you should trust your own feelings too.
Tell them to fuck of.

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Wouldn’t that upset the Spirit?